Birthday parties. Get togethers with friends. Corporate activities. Anniversaries and special events. PINSTACK is ready to welcome your large group no matter what the occasion. With a slew of fun activities, a full-service kitchen, and a quality bar, we are the ideal fun activities venue for any get together. So how do you plan the perfect outing at PINSTACK? While the answer to that question depends on your personal preferences, there are a few elements that make up the perfect group get together. Whether you are using PINSTACK as a corporate event venue, looking for birthday party packages for kids or adults, or simply looking forward to dinner with your old college friends, here are the things that can make your group outing to PINSTACK a smooth, memorable, and fun event.

Purchase a group package ahead of time.

Can you show up unannounced at PINSTACK with a large group? Yes, but you are less likely to get the experience you want. Our group packages are designed to offer you a get together tailored to your needs and designed for convenience. Consider the benefits our group packages offer:

  • Reserved space for your get together
  • Guaranteed access to bowling lanes or guaranteed time in our attractions
  • Fresh, from-scratch menu items for guests
  • No wait times on getting your party started
  • Access to our on-site event planners’ expertise and support
  • Support of Group Services team members the day of the event
  • Amenities such as linens and party favors.

If you want to guarantee that your group has space, privacy, fun, and individual attention, purchase a group package when planning corporate team building activities, birthday parties, or other large get togethers. Our packages are diverse and designed for fun, allowing your group to enjoy a truly memorable time.

Understand the costs associated with your group outing.

Surprise expenses can derail the fun faster than almost anything else. To help you avoid unexpected expenses, we suggest making sure you understand the costs associated with your group outing before you arrive at our fun activities venue for the event. Here are a few pieces of information that might affect your expenses, both overall and the day of:

  • The remaining 50 percent of your bill is due the day of your event.

The first half is paid as a deposit prior to the group outing.

  • You must purchase a group package in order to reserve space at PINSTACK.
  • Events canceled within 7 days of the event receive a full refund of the deposit.
  • There is a service charge covering gratuity, set up, and break down associated with every group event.

Take advantage of available discounts for your group outing.

The perfect group outing at an event venue like PINSTACK is one that fits right into your budget. And at PINSTACK, you are in luck, because not only do we offer a fun activities venue and a variety of group packages, but we offer a number of discounts for qualified customers.

These discounts include lower prices for groups of 10 or more, as well as discounts for both active and retired service members. If you want to keep up on the latest deals and discounts, you can also sign up for our emails, which include exclusive online offers that can make your next group outing to PINSTACK even more affordable.

Take advantage of PINSTACK’s support services to tailor your event to your needs.

Party planning can be a lot of work. From major decisions like what activities you will offer to minor details like the color of the tablecloths, the hundreds of decisions that go into an event can be overwhelming if you have to make them all yourself. That is why, if you want to plan the perfect group outing at PINSTACK, you should take advantage of the support services that can help you both before and during your event.

First, when you purchase a group package, such as one of our birthday party packages, banquet packages, or corporate event packages, you will receive access to our on-site event planners. They will help you plan all of the details of the event, from making sure that the menu accommodates any allergies in your group to helping you understand what you can bring for decorations for a kids’ birthday party. With their help, you can put together the perfect event at PINSTACK.

Then, once you arrive at PINSTACK with your group on the day of the event, our Group Services staff members will ensure that your event runs smoothly. This means identifying opportunities to extend your event if you are late or want a little extra time, answering your questions, and meeting any onsite needs you may have. With their support, you and your guests can enjoy a hassle-free party.

Make as many decisions as you can ahead of time.

The smoothest events are those that are planned early. To help you craft the perfect group outing at PINSTACK, therefore, plan as much as you can ahead of time, with the assistance of our support services.

First, think about your needs before you buy a group package. For example, do you want a bowling birthday party package for kids, or a regular birthday party package? Do you want your co workers to meet in one of our VIP rooms in the restaurant, or would you benefit from a corporate event package that will allow you to bond over cooking, laser tag, or other activities?

In addition, set your head count early so you know how much you are paying. If you reserve space for the highest number of people you think you will have at the event, you can always lower the head count instead of worrying about not having space for extra guests the day of the event.

There are many other details you can deal with ahead of time that can make your time at PINSTACK smoother and more fun. From choosing decorations to selecting menus and deciding on activities, setting these details early will mean that there is no delay between arriving at PINSTACK and diving into the fun of your event.

Planning the perfect group outing at PINSTACK means planning ahead and purchasing group packages that fit your group’s particular needs. From purchasing a group package ahead of time to taking advantage of discounts and support services and making as many decisions as you can ahead of time, you can set your group up for an epic outing at PINSTACK.