This isn’t an optical illusion, but in fact the only giant foosball of its kind in Texas! This 16-player foosball table allows the whole crowd to line up for a one of a kind foosball experience. With multiple balls and ball cups, you and your buddies can all play without any lull in the fun or waiting for your turn.

Perfect for any large group!

Our giant foosball tables may be the only ones in Texas, but they are available at all three of our locations in Plano, Las Colinas, and Allen. Don’t just enjoy this foosball game on steroids when you are hanging out with friends and family. This activity is perfect for any large group. We can even create team building activities that include our giant foosball table.

No one gets left behind with our giant foosball table. You must experience this to believe it. Visit any of our three locations to enjoy this mega monster and the mega fun it creates for your whole group.