When you think of a special event, how often do you think about bowling? Probably not too often. After all, bowling alleys have a reputation for being noisy, crowded, and dark locations where you go for casual fun and some cheap food.

Here at PINSTACK, however, we are making bowling classy. Giving bowling a makeover includes creating a VIP bowling lounge, where you can make exclusive use of our private bowling area away from the noise and the crowds. With upscale areas, modern lighting, and from-scratch lane-side food and beverage service, bowling can be the perfect place to celebrate special events. Here are 4 special reasons to use a VIP bowling lounge at PINSTACK.


Use a VIP bowling lounge for an upscale work event.

When you can’t leave work at the office, you may want to take it to the VIP bowling lounge at PINSTACK. The private location is the perfect spot to work out deals with new vendors or potential customers. The upscale environment is perfect for impressing board members, while the fun of bowling together is ideal for corporate team building and employee getaways.

Still feel like bowling might be a little too casual for certain events? Consider making it a fun getaway as part of a more serious event. For example, board meetings held in our private meeting rooms don’t have to include staring at presentations all day. When your eyes start to cross, take the group out to our VIP bowling lounge for an hour, where they can tap into their fun sides (yes, they have them) without the distractions of crowds of people.

Or, turn a business meeting with potential clients into a celebration once the deal is closed with food, drinks, and bowling at the VIP bowling lounge. The possibilities for a fun but professional work event are endless in a private bowling area created for upscale fun.


Use a VIP bowling lounge for that extra special date.

Sure, a regular bowling alley might be just fine for a regular date, but some dates are extra special. You know the ones: That first date with the person who makes your knees go weak. That milestone date marking an anniversary or a special event.

Lucky for you, regular is not what you get at our VIP bowling lounge. When you need a memorable, and private, date with a special someone, you need a more private and memorable area to hang out in. Consider the privacy of our VIP bowling lounge, along with the special amenities that make you feel a million miles away from ordinary life. Sip margaritas and eat upscale appetizers with our lane-side food and beverage service. Enjoy some light hearted teasing as you compete on the bowling lanes. And soak up every moment of a date that is as special as your significant other.


Use a VIP bowling lounge to celebrate a life event with friends.

Life happens, and not always in a bad way. When those curve balls turn into home runs, consider celebrating with another type of ball: The bowling ball. A VIP bowling lounge offers an exciting, modern feel with the privacy you need to really party with your friends.

What kind of life events can you mark with an elegant private bowling area? Try an engagement, a retirement, a bachelor/bachelorette party, a raise, a promotion, a new job, a new baby…you get the idea. If it is worth celebrating, it is worth celebrating at PINSTACK’s VIP bowling lounge.

In our quiet area, you can order drinks and food to mark the occasion, like our monthly chef specials inspired by seasonal ingredients and characterized by excellence and creativity. Champagne from our bar can make an appearance, as can bowling games specially designed for the occasion. So reserve the private bowling area and get ready to party in honor of the biggest and best life events that could possibly happen to the best people in your life.


Use a VIP bowling lounge for an upscale birthday party.

Growing another year older doesn’t have to be a bummer. In fact, it provides the perfect excuse to put our private bowling area to work, celebrating every minute of the past year and looking forward to every minute of the coming year.

Turn an upcoming birthday into a classy and elegant (and fun) event at our VIP bowling lounge. Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday, marking the passage of a more ordinary year, or throwing a bash for family and friends, great food, private space, and lots of bowling make for a shindig everyone is sure to remember. So when you want an upscale place to have an event, without compromising on the fun and games, the VIP bowling lounge at PINSTACK might just be the place to go.

That is why you should feel comfortable heading over for a business event, bringing a special date to our private bowling area, throwing a party for a life event, or dressing up a birthday party with a little bit of class. And don’t forget about our other amenities, like private meeting rooms, a from-scratch restaurant, a killer bar, and a packed activities venue. If you want classy fun, you want to come to PINSTACK.