Planning a corporate event can be a lot of responsibility. After all, you have to have the right mix of fun and professional, achieve the event’s goals, and do it all within the budget (Which is always too small, right?). Picking the right corporate event venue can make every other part of your job a little bit easier.With the right venue at your back, you can tackle the rest of your to do list with confidence. Need an amazing menu that can accommodate special dietary needs? Searching for fun activities with a grown up twist? Need a private room for your networking event? The right spot can provide it all. Here are just four ways that a corporate event venue like PINSTACK can make your life easier.

The right corporate event venue will give you enough options to craft the perfect event.

Your business and your event needs are totally unique. Embrace your individuality by finding a corporate event venue that allows you to craft the perfect event for your people. Whether you need restaurants with banquet rooms for an evening dinner, access to a private function room for board meetings, the chance to do something meaningful together during a team building event, or just a spot where your employees can have fun, your corporate event venue should meet your needs.

At PINSTACK, we work with you to craft the perfect experience for your corporate event. Consider these diverse offerings:

  • Half day and full day access to private function rooms as part of event packages
  • Bar packages as add-ons
  • Option for additional add-ons, such as extra lanes, outside patio rental, additional meeting space, and private bowling area and lane rental
  • Array of corporate event packages and corporate team building activities
  • Restaurant with banquet room for up to 200 people
  • Array of banquet packages
  • Lane only package options
  • Customizable team building activities, including philanthropy-based events

The right corporate event venue will even allow you to customize your menu.

The way to a successful corporate event (and happy employees) might just be through food, so give your people every reason to attend by picking a corporate event venue that allows you to customize your menu to fit your company’s needs. And we don’t mean just picking between beef and chicken. We mean choosing between Mexican and Italian, or between a full-on Texas barbecue and light appetizers.

For example, at PINSTACK, we offer you a variety of menu options with every corporate event package. Choose from an array of menu offerings such as continental breakfast, appetizers, snacks, or Texas barbecue; PINSTACK has it all. Select from drink options that include craft beers and Napa Valley wines.

Once you have your menu selected, we can even give you options for handling specific dietary needs. Speak with your on-site event planner to learn what your options are for accommodating the specific dietary needs of your group.

The right venue offers you on-site event planners.

Have you ever planned an activity at a corporate event venue only to find that the room didn’t have the right A/V capabilities? Or that you had brought the wrong type of decorations to the retirement party? Or couldn’t figure out how to adjust your head count after a few people bailed? Or spent so much time ironing out details the day of that you never really enjoyed the event yourself?

Avoid these issues by choosing a corporate event venue that offers you the support of on-site event planners. These planners can answer all of your questions leading up to the event, help you customize your experience, and assist you with any issues that arise the day of.

Consider what our guest services and on-site event planners can do for you here at PINSTACK:

  • Provide you with options for handling dietary needs
  • Assist you with choosing the right corporate event package or activity for your needs.
  • Ensure that all of your A/V, space, activity, and food needs are accounted for.
  • Add on to packages (i.e. extra lane rentals, meeting space, and bar options)
  • Assist with changes to headcount, space needs, and more.
  • Keep you apprised of all PINSTACK’s policies (From head count deadlines to decoration guidelines to payment policies).
  • Answer any of your questions.
  • Handle issues the day of the event.

The right corporate event venue provides all the amenities you need for your event.

The success or failure of a corporate event often depends upon the details. A beautiful facility can fall flat if the A/V doesn’t work correctly, the facility cannot accommodate changes in head count, or your group is limited to just one or two activities. That is why you should look for a venue that is flexible and that provides amenities that will make planning your corporate event easier.

Here at PINSTACK, we offer state-of-the-art A/V capabilities that make it easy for any presentation or discussion to flow smoothly. In addition, we provide flexibility when it comes to head counts and event timing (As long as changes are made at least 7 days in advance, and any time changes fit in with the other events we have going on in our space that day).

Plus, we offer diverse activities that are sure to entertain a variety of personalities and interests. From indoor rock climbing to laser tag and bowling, you and your group are sure to have fun even while attending a corporate function.

As you plan your next corporate event, look for a venue that will do some of the work for you. Whether you need a place with plenty of options so you can craft exactly the experience your business needs, flexible menu choices, the support of on-site event planners, or amenities to ensure that everything goes smoothly, PINSTACK is the way to go for a smooth and easy road to planning a corporate event.