Kids these days have the best birthday parties. Among my child’s group of friends, forays to gymnasiums, superhero themed adventures, bounce house celebrations, and even trips to local museums are the norm. It makes the grown up birthday go-to of dinner and a cake seem a little stale. 

Fortunately, creating a themed and adventurous adult birthday party isn’t hard. If you want to have as much fun as your five year old and his friends, without acting like one, consider trying out one of these themes for your next celebration.

A masquerade ball held at a restaurant with a banquet room can be classy and fun.

Transform a restaurant with a banquet room into a beautiful location for a masquerade ball. Ask your friends and family to come dressed in fancy masks and elegant clothes, and don’t forget the dancing and music.

Dress up parties for kids can’t really compare. Need a restaurant with a banquet room? PINSTACK has space for up to 200 guests, and all of the amenities you need for a fancy celebration.

Turn the guest of honor’s age into a cause for celebration.

A birthday party is all about celebrating another year for the guest of honor. So don’t let them hide their age. Instead, make it the star of the party, especially if it is a milestone shindig. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun. These celebrations are perfect for a little good natured teasing and a lot of reminiscing.

Need ideas for making the guest of honor’s age into a fun birthday theme? Try these:

  • Have every guest bring 30 of some item to celebrate a 30th birthday.
  • Invite 65 guests for a 65th birthday party.
  • Select music and decorations from 40 years ago for a 40th birthday party.
  • Make everything golden for someone turning 50.
  • Select the era of the person’s birth for the party’s theme (i.e. Have a sixties theme for someone born in the sixties).

Need an adult birthday party place to put the guest of honor, and their age, front and center? Try PINSTACK. Our restaurant with banquet hall is the ideal location for a celebration, while our activities, adult birthday party packages, and private function rooms provide just the right environment for some lighthearted fun.

Enjoy the outdoors even in the winter with a picnic themed party.

Picnics are carefree adventures in the beautiful outdoors. The right food, the right company, and the right games can make a picnic the perfect way to escape the stresses of daily life and enjoy a few hours outside in nature.

You could just meet up with some friends and family in the park for a picnic. But if your birthday falls in the dead of winter or the heat of summer you aren’t out of luck. Try an adult birthday party place like PINSTACK that offers a picnic menu along with patio games, indoor activities, and a private function space that you can turn into a replica of the great outdoors. The best part? This theme is really easy to decorate for. Paper plates and a checkered tablecloth are all you need.

Use the carnival as your inspiration.

Kix is for kids, but the carnival is for everyone. Relive those golden days spent riding the carousel and experiencing the adrenaline rush of roller coasters with a carnival-themed birthday party.

If the weather does not permit you to be outdoors (We’re looking at you, summer heat), you can always choose to recreate a carnival experience at an adult birthday party place like PINSTACK. Bumper cars and video games, anyone?

Hold a cocktail party.

Let aging drive you to drink (responsibly) with a cocktail party. Mix some cocktails and grab some appetizers for a celebration that can be as fancy or as casual as you want. Of course, the secret to a great cocktail party is the cocktails, so make sure the drinks really stand out. 

If you need some help, try the creative cocktails from PINSTACK’s bars. We will make your cocktail party even better with delicious cocktails served from our bars and tempting appetizers created in our from scratch kitchen. Getting older is a lot more fun, and a lot tastier, than you realized.

Go to the beach.

Escape the pressures of life with a trip to the beach. Enjoy a day or two out on the sand, in the water, and under a big blue sky with your favorite friends and family. Or, avoid the sunburn and the drive and recreate the experience at an adult birthday party place like PINSTACK.

A little creativity can help you to feel like you are enjoying a luau on the beach. Umbrellas and leis, barbecue (from our birthday party package menu) and cocktails, and even video games at our arcade or other fun activities like laser tag will make you feel like you really are getting away.

So if you are getting older, do not despair. The fun birthday parties of your youth are not behind you. They are just getting better with time, kind of like you and your favorite wine. The secret is to choose a theme for your party that will add the kind of fun you are looking for. Choose a grown up theme, like a masquerade ball or cocktail party; choose an adult birthday party place, like PINSTACK; add a few decorations and let us provide the fun, and you have the recipe for a grown up party that will rival the fun of your childhood celebrations.