If you have ever stood around awkwardly trying to make small talk with a group of strangers, you know: Simply being together does not make a team. So what does create a strong sense of togetherness and belonging in a group? Try this definition from a set of studies conducted in the 1920s: “Worker interaction was the most significant factor in building a sense of group identity, social support, and cohesion.”

Simply put, group building activities for adults are necessary if those adults are going to think, feel, and act like a group. If you have people who really need to work together, you may want to undertake some group building activities for adults. Here are some of the other benefits of such activities.


Group building activities for adults increase productivity.

If you want something to get done, you have to do it yourself, right? Not if you use group building activities for adults to meld your group of individuals into an effective team. These activities do more than let you have fun together. They show you the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team.

Once your group has this information, they can use it to complete tasks more efficiently. Bob no longer has to manage a project’s budget because Ted is actually the one with the nose for numbers and the eye for detail. Bob can instead use his creative thinking abilities to develop new solutions for that sticky problem that has bogged your team down on your current endeavor. When everyone uses their strengths, more gets done.


Group building activities for adults improve communication.

Maybe your project isn’t bogged down by a difficult problem. Maybe it isn’t going anywhere because the client’s idea about the project never got communicated effectively to your design team, or your design team never communicated their needs to your development team, or someone thought the budget had twice as much money in it as it actually did. Now your team is frustrated and behind schedule.

Group building activities for adults can improve communication within your group. For example, a high ropes course or an indoor rock climbing wall forces participants to communicate clearly and precisely with each other. They uncover communication styles that may conflict and help teach the group how to speak in ways that everyone else can understand. The result? Group building activities for adults can help the various parts of your team avoid miscommunication and lay out needs and expectations in ways that are productive, clear, and easily understood.

group building activities for adults

Group building activities for adults increase confidence.

A common complaint about working in groups is that it can be difficult to get everyone working together and contributing equally toward the same goal. Why put your best toward a group effort if no one else is?

Group building activities for adults can help you to overcome this lack of confidence. They can help your team build confidence in themselves and in those with whom they work with. In particular, group building activities for adults allow the group to develop meaningful relationships. These relationships lead team members to appreciate and work with each other in more effective ways. They simply trust each other more and therefore act with more confidence in the group setting.

In addition, group building activities for adults allow team members to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this information, they can more confidently, and successfully, use their skills to benefit the team.


Group building activities for adults improve collaboration among group members.

In order for a group to work effectively together, they have to be able to collaborate. Collaboration goes far beyond simply being able to talk about a project. It includes being able to think creatively in order to develop unique, out of the box solutions and innovative new approaches. That kind of collaboration only happens when a team is comfortable around each other.

Group building activities for adults improve collaboration by increasing the members’ comfort level with each other. It is hard not to be comfortable with someone after working with them to build bikes for those in need, or facing a chili cookoff together. That comfort leads to conversation, which leads to problem-solving and creativity, which leads to the collaboration and results you need from your team.


Group building activities for adults are fun.

Everyone in a team wants to enjoy their team experience. That is why group building activities for adults can be so beneficial: They are, if done correctly, downright enjoyable. Try not having fun while crafting your own cocktail or playing Iron Chef.

When groups enjoy fun activities together, the members naturally bond and relax. They do not feel the stress of having to perform. As a result, they can build those valuable relationships and skills in an encouraging and motivating atmosphere.

When your team is having fun, they are becoming a more cohesive unit. And that means that even after they leave the group building activities for adults, they are able to take their cohesion and enjoy greater levels of unity and productivity.

Group building activities for adults can be beneficial to your team. If you want your team to enjoy these benefits, take them to PINSTACK. We offer many options for group building activities for adults. We can help you to book the right ones for your team, and ensure that they enjoy a fun, relaxed, productive, and beneficial time together.