We hate to break it to you, but it’s time to end the relationship. We recommend doing it on Valentine’s Day. Those tired old dinner reservations you’ve been using to impress your dates just aren’t working for you anymore. Don’t feel guilty: It is definitely the restaurants, not you. There are better dinner date options out there, and you (and your date) deserve the most unique and romantic meal available from one of the best restaurants in DFW. This Valentine’s Day, break up with cliché by leaving the same old dinner date ideas in the dust and embracing some truly unique experiences at one of the best restaurants in the DFW area (that would be PINSTACK).


On top of spaghetti…stood a one-pound meatball.

Spaghetti and meatballs might have a reputation as a humble and frugal family meal idea, but underneath that homely facade is a truly beautiful meal waiting for you and your date. Here at PINSTACK, we have found the perfect way to showcase the meatball’s extraordinary potential. At one of the best restaurants in the DFW area, you can enjoy a truly astonishing meatball.

And yes, we mean just one. And yes, we recommend splitting that single meatball with your date. Why? Because this star of our menu is a carefully crafted, one-pound showcase of flavor and creativity. What goes into this dinnertime delight? One pound of Japanese ribeye steak, called wagyu, and brisket. If your mouth isn’t already watering, consider the melted mozzarella center and the fresh parmesan cheese on top.

You really don’t need pasta underneath it. Just order that tender, saucy, giant meatball from one of the best restaurants in the DFW area, and watch your date’s impression of you rise with every bite you share. We guarantee you’ve never eaten a one-pound meatball before, and we guarantee that once you have, you’ll never want to go back to the little, and clichéd, meatballs of the past. Just hurry…this little (ahem, big) beauty is only available until February 16.


Eat outside the box with monthly specials from one of the best restaurants in the DFW area.

Sometimes, a predictable menu is a good thing. You know what you like, you know what to order, and you definitely know how to avoid embarrassing first-date problems like messy dishes and the occasional dud dish. (Yes, even the best restaurants in the DFW area occasionally have them).

However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to go with predictable, aka boring. You want to enjoy a menu that is fresh, vibrant, and new, to both you and your date. After all, we can’t think of a more romantic and refreshing pursuit than discovering and enjoying new gourmet foods together.

That is why, at PINSTACK, one of the best restaurants in the DFW area, you should order from our monthly chef specials menu. From appetizers to entrees, burgers to desserts, you and your date can both enjoy classic American dining with delicious new twists.

For example, consider our February lineup: Vegetarian spring rolls bursting with bright colors and fresh vegetables, scratch-made cream of mushroom soup, teriyaki glazed salmon, the pizzaburger (a combination of two of the most delicious comfort foods out there), and a strawberry cheesecake cobbler that challenges all of your preconceptions about dessert. Clichéd definitely won’t show up with any of those dishes on your plate.


The Pizza Burger at PINSTACK


Dress up your burger with new creations at one of the best restaurants in the DFW area.

If you go on a Valentine’s Day date and order a plain old burger, you may as well kiss your dating game, and your date, goodbye. Instead, show a little imagination and enjoy your burger, all at the same time, with a gourmet creation from one of the best restaurants in the DFW area.

How do you do that? First, you make a reservation at PINSTACK. Then, you sit down and order one of our delicious, from-scratch burgers. You may be a burger connoisseur, but you’ve never enjoyed a burger quite like these before.

For example, consider our Twenty Dollar Burger. We take a pound of wagyu and brisket patties and split them into two half-pound burgers for your enjoyment. We layer them with everything you’ve never thought to put on a burger but should have, including a sausage link, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, and black garlic aioli. The only thing left to do with this flavor powerhouse is to enjoy it.

Other burgers to try? Consider our Stack Mac Burger with mac and cheese built right into the burger, and wagyu beef sliders for a smaller but equally delicious way to enjoy our special steak and brisket blend. Now you’ve upped not just your burger game, but your dating game as well.

Here at PINSTACK, one of the best restaurants in the DFW area, you can move away from clichéd to embrace a better Valentine’s Day date experience. Give the humble meatball and spaghetti dish a try with our one-pound meatball. Embrace our monthly chef specials to go beyond predictable into a new realm of delicious. And consider dressing up your burger with one of our gourmet selections. When you are done with your meal, add another layer of romantic fun to your date by hitting up our fun activities venue. When you can eat a pound of meatball and go crazy on the bowling lanes or the laser tag arena, you’ll know that Valentine’s Day has never been better.