If the pressure of making Valentine’s Day plans gets you down, we get it. The bar continues to climb as we watch influencers on social media wow us with their over-the-top Valentine’s Day antics. You (and your date) deserve a new and unique experience at one of best restaurants in  San Antonio. This Valentine’s Day, break out of your habits by leaving the same old dinner date ideas in the dust and embracing some truly unique experiences at one of the best restaurants in the San Antonio area (that would be PINSTACK).


Stuffy Restaurants Are Out, Fun & Unique Valentine’s Day Restaurants Are In

You might know PINSTACK as an elevated bowling and game venue. Yes, that’s us! And you can certainly enjoy bowling…while you dine on the lanes! Or you can challenge each other to a friendly competition in the game room after polishing off your lovely meal and cocktails in the warm, cozy restaurant at PINSTACK.

In the mood for pasta (because that really is the food of looove)? There is no need for both of you to be in the mood for pasta though! Why complicate plans on a day you just want to be perfect? PINSTACK serves a modern American menu with selections to please all. The rigatoni smothered in meatballs & marinara or creamy chicken alfredo sauce might be for you! Your date is free to choose the pan-seared mahi mahi or go for something simple like a good ole’ classic Texas Smokehouse Burger.

We’re a sure thing when it comes to the menu at one of the best restaurants in San Antonio, but what about the wine menu? Every varietal has multiple selections on our extensive wine menu. With 24 beers and 12 wines on tap plus a fully-stocked bar to create the craftiest of cocktails, once again you’ve chosen a winner Valentine’s Day dinner.


Eat outside the box at one of the best restaurants in San Antonio.

Avoid embarrassing first-date awkwardness by avoiding the typical restaurant experience. I mean, what do you do if you run out of conversation? Yikes!  This is where PINSTACK really stands out from the other best restaurants in San Antonio.

There are so many fresh topics to explore over your Valentine’s Day Dinner at PINSTACK. Both you will be reminded of some of your favorite classic games as you breeze past the arcade on your way in. What are some of your funniest memories on the bowling lanes? If you really feel brave, you might reveal that you have a fear of heights before you tackle climbing the rock wall! Now that would be endearing to learn as your date shares this experience with you.

You get the idea. PINSTACK is not just the best restaurants in San Antonio. From appetizers to entrees, burgers to desserts, your dinner will be top-notch. Beyond that, PINSTACK is a one-stop entertainment and dining destination that will become you and your date’s favorite place to frequent on more than just Valentine’s Day!

Enough Talk. Let’s Make The Best Date Ever Reality.

So how to you accomplish the best Valentine’s date ever? First, you make reservations at PINSTACK on Open Table. You can even reserve a lane online if you think bowling might be in the cards after your romantic dinner. There are so many different experiences to enjoy at PINSTACK, you might want to review our website before you pick up your Valentine. How impressive would that be if you took time to really know what there is to do?

Here at PINSTACK, one of the best restaurants in the DFW area, you can move away from clichéd to embrace a better Valentine’s Day date experience. When you are done with your meal, add another layer of romantic fun to your date by hitting up our fun activities venue. Valentine’s Day has never been better.