Sometimes we do things because we want to feel like a kid again (Which might be why playing with little kids is sometimes so much fun. Swing sets and puddle splashing, anyone?). But sometimes we want to feel like the grown ups we are, too. And when it comes to hanging out with friends, the right combination of riotous fun and adult sophistication can make for an ideal celebration. If you’re choosing bowling for your next get together, you are on the right track (or should we say, in the right lane?). Bowling has the unique ability to entertain all age levels with the kind of fun you probably haven’t enjoyed since you were a kid.

To make it a truly adult celebration, though, you need to lose the inflatable bumpers and pizza on a paper plate. Here are 5 ways to add a little sophistication to your next bowling get together, without losing any of the fun.

Reserve the VIP bowling lounge.

A private bowling area can really add a sense of sophistication to your next bowling experience, with a quieter atmosphere reserved just for you and your friends. Plus, if you reserve it ahead of time, or enjoy reserved bowling lanes as part of an adult birthday party package, you can head right in without worrying about lines, full lanes, or needing to find another location. And that can make you look (and feel) like the grown up you are.

Of course, you don’t have to reserve the VIP bowling lounge for a great bowling experience. At a fun activities venue like PINSTACK, even the regular lanes are state of the art, with a sleek look, awesome lighting, ample space, and cool features. Whether you choose the private bowling area or one of the regular lanes, you will enjoy a truly sophisticated space and a genuinely fun atmosphere in which to bowl.

Enjoy lane side food service.

Do you remember the bowling alleys of your youth, where you had to walk back to the concession stand to order your food and drink? Once you had your food, you often had to eat at tables separated from the bowling lanes and away from the friends and family enjoying a rowdy game together.

Now that you’re an adult, you can enjoy a more sophisticated (and convenient) system: Lane side food and beverage service. At a fun activities venue like PINSTACK, for example, tables are arranged just behind the lanes so you can eat and cheer your team on at the same time.

Plus, you never have to leave your lane to eat and drink: With lane side food and beverage service, you can order your refreshments without taking your eyes off the game. That is a level of convenience that can turn an ordinary outing to a bowling alley into an upscale enjoyment of an afternoon (or evening). 

Opt for a from-scratch menu at one of the best restaurants around.

Pizza and soda are classic bowling fare, and with good reason: They are inexpensive, quick, and tasty. But sometimes, you want something a little more sophisticated. For times like these, you want not only upscale bowling, but also a place that has one of the best restaurants around.

You want a place like PINSTACK, where a from-scratch menu includes carefully crafted seasonal items and a regularly updated selection. You can still get pizza if you want, but you can trade your basic cheese or pepperoni for the more adult margherita, meat laden whole hog, or honey-sweetened honey bee.

Or you can pick another option from an American cuisine with a gourmet twist. Whatever dish you choose, you will be sure to enjoy a bowling experience that is as delicious as it is fun. 

Select high quality adult beverages from upscale beer bars and wine bars.

If you are looking to elevate your bowling experience at a fun activities venue, you may want to elevate the adult beverages you consume as well. Choose a place that offers high quality draft beers, fine wines, and creative cocktails to give your gathering an adult feel.

At PINSTACK, we offer a variety of beers, from your basic Budweiser to special draft beers and seasonal selections. We also offer a variety of fine wines from Napa and Sonoma California; Italy, France, and Spain. These grown up drinks can add to the overall sophistication and fun of your bowling experience.

Pick birthday party packages designed with the grown ups in mind.

Bowling birthday parties aren’t just for the kids anymore. At an adult birthday party place like PINSTACK, you can enjoy birthday party packages designed with the grown ups in mind too. Take, for example, our birthday party packages for adults: Not only do you get time on reserved bowling lanes, but you enjoy access to our other attractions (Such as laser tag and indoor rock climbing), as well as a delicious buffet of your choice, access to video games, and time in a private function room. Not a paper plate, tacky decoration, or inflatable gutter guard in sight (unless you bring them yourself).

And, you get to plan your party with ease. On site party coordinators make ironing out the details easy, and ensure that all of your needs are met the day of. Our facilities can handle a party of any size, and flexibility means that you can make some changes to your reservation (such as lowering your head count) up to 7 days before the event.

Being an adult is fun, and bowling should reflect that fact. If you want to enjoy the fun of bowling in a decidedly grown up venue, consider PINSTACK. From a VIP bowling lounge, to state of the art lanes, lane side food service, a from-scratch menu, fine wine and draft beers, and birthday party packages designed with adults in mind, we have everything you need for a truly enjoyable bowling get together anytime the mood strikes.