Hosting holiday parties can be an absolute blast, but when you’re the one in charge of planning the event for your company or social group, it can quickly turn into a stress-filled nightmare. Done right, these gatherings can be a relaxed and festive highlight of your holiday season, but done wrong, and you might as well be reenacting the Nightmare Before Christmas. So, let’s save Jack Skellington for Halloween and ensure your holiday party is a memorable success with these essential tips.

1. Start Your Planning Early

The holiday season, while undoubtedly wonderful, can also be incredibly hectic. With parties, shopping, decorating, mailing, card writing, and more, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Plus, party venues tend to fill up fast, leaving you scrambling for a suitable date. That’s why it’s crucial to kickstart your planning process early—think as early as July. Savvy event planners have their venue secured and deposits paid almost as soon as fireworks light up the sky. Once you’ve locked down the venue, you can sit back until it’s time to send out invitations, ideally 4-6 weeks ahead of the event. If you’re reading this in October and haven’t picked a date yet, don’t wait any longer!

2. Request RSVPs

To ensure everything goes smoothly, you need to know how many guests are coming. You’ll not only need this information to determine the right amount of space but also to plan the catering accordingly. If you want your party to be remembered for all the right reasons, make RSVPs a must. Coordinate with your chosen venue to establish a final headcount deadline, and be sure to include this RSVP date on your invitations. With RSVPs in hand, you can ensure your party is just the right size.

3. Choose a Unique Venue

While hosting your holiday party at home is an option, not everyone is up for the cleaning and decorating that entails (especially in the busiest month of the year). Opting for an event venue can alleviate much of this stress. The choice of venue will depend on your party’s theme and activities, but we recommend selecting a location that offers a variety of entertainment options, modern American cuisine, and all the space and amenities you need for a hassle-free holiday celebration.

4. Secure a Private Space

A holiday party held amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant lacks the charm of a dedicated, decorated space. If you want your holiday party to truly stand out, consider reserving a private area for your event. This not only provides more space for your guests but also grants you access to A/V equipment, creative decorating options, the freedom to choose your music, and the ability to enjoy a lively atmosphere without disturbing other diners.

5. Offer a Diverse Menu

While the traditional Christmas banquet menu is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser, consider stepping outside the box. Cater to guests with dietary restrictions or allergies and craft a menu that is as diverse and delicious as you are. For example, at PINSTACK, we take pride in offering an extensive array of modern American cuisine to tantalize the taste buds of all your attendees.

6. Feature a Signature Cocktail

Elevate your holiday party by spotlighting a signature cocktail as the star of the drink menu. A unique, delicious drink sets the stage for a memorable festive season. At PINSTACK, we have a wide array of options to choose from, all capturing the essence of the holidays. Selecting a signature cocktail at one of the best fun activities venues in Plano can make your holiday party as unforgettable as your chosen libation.

7. Embrace a Fun Holiday Theme or Activity

A holiday party wouldn’t be complete without a festive theme or activity. Instead of settling for traditional decorations, take your event to the next level by incorporating a fun theme or activity. Consider options like an Ugly Sweater Party, White Elephant Gift Exchange, Cookie Decorating, or even a charitable focus for team building activities (an area in which PINSTACK excels).

8. Offer Abundant Entertainment Options

Keep boredom at bay by providing a plethora of entertainment choices for your guests. While gift exchanges and ugly sweater contests are always a hit, choosing a fun activities venue like PINSTACK opens up a world of possibilities. From laser tag and bowling to video game arcades and indoor rock climbing walls, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

9. Set the Mood with Creative Holiday Music

Let the holiday spirit permeate your party with a selection of creative holiday music. Ensure your chosen venue offers state-of-the-art A/V capabilities to make this possible. While traditional carols have their charm, consider mixing it up with a fun and popular playlist that might even get your guests dancing.

If you’re looking to host a holiday party that will be talked about for years to come, then look no further than PINSTACK. Our fun activities venues in Las Colinas, Plano, Allen, Austin, and San Antonio offer the perfect blend of space, food, drinks, and atmosphere for a fantastic celebration. Remember to plan ahead, secure those RSVPs, and let PINSTACK help you and your guests celebrate the holiday season in style.