Holiday parties can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress (sometimes both). If you do them right, you enjoy a get together of friends, family, or coworkers that is a relaxed and festive part of your holiday season. Do it wrong, though, and you are more likely to end up with an event that mimics the Nightmare Before Christmas. Save Jack Skellington for Halloween and put together a holiday party to remember with these simple but important tips.


Plan your holiday party early.

The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest time of the year. Parties, shopping, decorating, mailing, card writing, and more can turn the holiday season into a hectic season in no time at all.

That is why, if you want your party on people’s calendars, you have to get their attention early. Start planning as early as possible, and get those invitations out 4-6 weeks ahead of time. That means that if you haven’t selected a date for your party yet, you should probably do that.


Ask for RSVPs.

There is nothing sadder than the desolate sound of a spoon scraping the bottom of a serving dish. Alternatively, there is nothing more embarrassing than having an entire feast left over after your guests have eaten. If you want your party to be remembered for its fun and not its faux pas, you should probably request RSVPs from your guests.

Find out from your fun activities venue in Las Colinas when they need a final head count. Put that RSVP date on your invites. With RSVPS, you will know exactly how many people to plan for, and your party will be exactly right.


Find a fun activities venue in Las Colinas.

You can always hold your holiday party at home. But if cleaning and decorating isn’t really your thing (see previous point about December being a busy month), then you might want to find a place in Las Colinas to celebrate.

The place you choose will depend upon what you want to do during your party. However, we naturally recommend a certain venue that has lots of activities, chef-inspired cuisine, and all the space and amenities you need for a holiday party you don’t have to set up for.


Reserve a private space for your holiday party.

A party in the middle of a busy restaurant doesn’t quite have the same festive charm as a party held in a dedicated, and decorated, space. If you want a holiday party to remember, reserve a private area for your event. Not only will you have more space for more guests, but you can enjoy A/V capabilities, the option of decorating however you want, choosing whatever music you want, and being almost as loud as you want.


Offer a variety of food.

Traditional Christmas food is pretty popular, but if you want to throw a party to remember, you might want to branch out a bit. Besides, you never know who might have an allergy or be following a certain weight loss program. Create a menu that is diverse and delicious. Here at PINSTACK, for example, we offer a wide variety of American, chef-inspired cuisine to delight the taste buds of all of your guests. 

Make a signature cocktail the star of the drink menu.

Create a holiday party to remember by creating a star of the show: A signature cocktail. Having that one drink that stands out, that is totally unique, and utterly delicious, is the perfect way to start your festive season.

Here at PINSTACK, we have many options from which to choose. Our seasonal selection includes a White Cranberry Margarita, Cranberry Spritz, and the Crown Apple Strike. Select a signature cocktail at one of the best fun activities venues in Las Colinas, to create a holiday party that stands out as nicely as does your cocktail selection.

Consider incorporating a fun holiday theme or activity.

A holiday party should, naturally, have a holiday theme. We suggest going beyond the traditional decorations and embracing a fun theme or activity that will define your event. What should you choose? Try some of these possibilities:

  • Ugly Sweater Party
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Charitable Toy Drive

Create lots of entertainment options.

Avoid boredom at your holiday party by offering your guests plenty of entertainment options. Gift exchanges and ugly sweater contests are only part of the fun. You should also choose a fun activities venue in Las Colinas that offers you incredible entertainment options for any party. Here at PINSTACK, for example, you can take your party to the laser tag arena, video game arcade, indoor rock climbing wall, and more.


Play (creative) holiday music.

Let the holly jolly into your holiday party with holiday music. The private banquet room you book at the venue you choose should offer you state of the art A/V capabilities that make this music possible. We do suggest moving away from the clichéd carols and embracing creative holiday music. Make it fun, make it popular, and maybe even make it something your guests will dance to.

If you want to hold a holiday party to remember, then you want to hold it at PINSTACK. Our fun activities venue in Las Colinas offers you the space, food, drink and atmosphere you need to put on the fun. Don’t forget to plan now and get RSVPs. Then, let PINSTACK help you and your guests celebrate the holiday season in style.