Whether you have been tasked with organizing your company’s holiday party or are hoping to get family together for a celebration during the holiday season, we feel you–party planning can be hard. There are too many tired ideas, conflicting opinions, and high expectations to make the process an easy one.

If you’re looking for fun places in Plano to host your Christmas Party, you may want to hold your party at a fun activities venue like PINSTACK. Our restaurant with a banquet hall is the ideal place for some scratch-made holiday food, and our event space has everything you need to put your epic party plan into action. Here are a few ideas for an unforgettable holiday party.


Hold a white elephant gift exchange.

The white elephant gift exchange might be an oldie, but it’s a goodie. Keep present costs equal and minimal (no more than $10 each) and watch people’s creativity (and competitiveness) shine. Want to add a diabolical twist? Make it a worst present party. The funnier and more useless the gift, the better the entertainment.


Hold a toy drive.

Here at PINSTACK, we are all about philanthropy, so tap into your inner Santa with a toy drive. You bring a box and send instructions to guests about what to bring. The cost of admission? A small toy. The key to fun? Holding the drive at our fun activities venue in Plano. Ho, ho, ho, now you know how Santa feels.


Hold an ugly sweater party.

The ugly sweater party is kind of a cliché, we admit. But add a fun twist to it by holding a contest with a beautiful reward for the ugliest sweater (like a gift card to our fun activities venue in Plano). And don’t underestimate the ice breaking power of a truly heinous garment…The uglier the sweater, the more likely it is to serve as an effective conversation starter.


Have a wrapping party.

If wrapping presents makes you feel like the Grinch, make the process fun with a wrapping party at our fun venue in Plano. Buy some special paper, add some bows and creative gift labels, and have everyone bring their pile of gifts to wrap over cocktails and appetizers. And if you really get tired of wrapping gifts, take a break with any of our fun activities, from bowling to rock climbing.


Throw a cocktail party at our fun activities venue at Plano.

A little adult beverage is the perfect way to help people relax and get into the holiday spirit. And while there are plenty of fun places in Plano to enjoy a drink, PINSTACK offers a variety of drinks to satisfy just about everyone. So why not throw a cocktail party at PINSTACK? We offer signature cocktails (like the Perfect Cosmopolitan or the citrusy Grapefruit Gimlet). Add in appetizers, like our artisan meat and cheese board or our crowd-pleasing party platter, and you have the perfect recipe for some holiday cheer



Try a holiday talent show.

There is nothing like a little off-key singing or a half-baked holiday pageant to break the ice at a corporate event or family get together. When you hold the talent show at our fun activities venue in Plano, you can move from showing off your dance skill to displaying your bumper car skill or video game expertise.


Throw a white Christmas party.

Turn “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” into a reality with a white Christmas party. You know what to do. Request that guests wear white. Bring white decorations and use white lights. You can even wrap presents and favors in white wrapping paper. Classic and beautiful, it will look even better at our PINSTACK, where you can pair all that monochrome with delicious food, signature drinks, and enough activities to keep everyone busy all night long.


Hold a Christmas costume party.

Of course, you can ditch the ugly sweaters altogether and have everyone wear their favorite Christmas costume instead. From elves to Santas, from Grinches to Rudolphs, PINSTACK can serve as the perfect place for some costumed holiday cheer. Just don’t forget the prizes for the best costume of the night.


Have a holiday trivia night.

Do you know when Miracle on 34th Street was produced? Or do you remember how many reindeer Santa has? If not, you had better brush up before heading to a Christmas party featuring holiday trivia.


Hold an ornament decorating party.

Ornament decorating might seem like a child’s activity, but when you do it at PINSTACK, you get an adult atmosphere, amazing food, and specially designed drinks at our beer bar and wine bar. So embrace your inner child and create some incredible decorations in a vibrant environment.

A holiday party at our fun activities venue in Plano is the ideal way to enjoy the holiday season. Whether you want to put together a corporate event or spend time with family, using one of these themes alongside everything PINSTACK has to offer can make for an unforgettable event. Host your Christmas Party with us and you’ll see why PINSTACK is one of the most fun places in Plano.