Special occasions call for a special drink. But how do you know when to crack open the bubbly and when to reach for the vodka? When is an event special enough for that signature cocktail, or just right for a tried and true standby? There is a right cocktail for every occasion, which is why our bar in Plano is the place to be any night of the week for any occasion. To help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of a few cocktails you might want to enjoy for certain occasions. Take a look.


A first date calls for a classic cocktail from our bar in Plano.

A first date is a bit of an adventure, and you might be tempted to celebrate with the craziest cocktail on the menu. However, you might want to hold off on the daring and embrace the impressive instead. Show off your alcohol knowledge and communicate class and elegance by ordering a classic cocktail.

Enjoy a classic cocktail like the Frenchstack 75, with its Aviation Gin, Korbel Brut, a lemon twist, and simple syrup. For a sweeter start to a hopefully sweet romance, consider the house sangria, with pinot grigio, peach schnapps, cruzan mango and sweet and sour. Or select the house margarita, frozen or on the rocks (and shaken or stirred). The right bar in Plano, (like ours) will deliver the highest quality classic flavor to get your date off to the elegant start it deserves.

Margarita - PINSTACK


Order some vodka with your cocktail from our bar in Plano for some serious celebration.

Vodka carries a serious punch with a sophisticated edge. Delicious and hardcore, it promises to deliver the fun you want whenever you are looking for a footloose and fancy free evening with friends and family. It is the perfect accompaniment to an evening where you just want to relax in style.

Consider a cocktail from our bar in Plano that delivers the punch and sophistication of vodka without making the vodka the only star of the show. For example, our Watermelon Mule mixes Tito’s Handmade Vodka with Fever Tree Ginger Beer and fresh watermelon, while our cosmopolitan keeps you sophisticated with classic Grey Goose Vodka.

Bad day at work? Finally Friday? A long weekend ahead? Family drama that won’t quit? A work event where you want to impress? The perfect blend of vodka in a cocktail from our bar in Plano means any evening can become a classy and relaxing one.

Watermelon Mule - PINSTACK


Order a margarita from our bar in Plano to make every day special.

The lighthearted margarita is the perfect accompaniment for any lighthearted occasion. In fact, you don’t really need a reason to order this classic drink. As long as you want to relax with some drinks, you can order a margarita and be sure that it will fit right in for your reason for being at our bar in Plano.

Enjoying after dinner drinks with colleagues? Going on a first (or hundredth) date? Celebrating a small victory, or mourning a minor defeat? Spending some casual time kicking back with your friends? Choose a margarita for the perfect accompaniment to all the beautifully small moments in your life.

Here at our bar in Plano, we offer a margarita any way you want. With the right amount of tequila and the acidic flavor of the citrus, it is the light and happy taste you want for almost any non-occasion occasion.


Order a signature cocktail from our bar in Plano to mark signature events.

Of course, you may sometimes find yourself at our bar in Plano because you have some pretty big changes in your life to celebrate. That sparkling engagement ring is about to transform your relationship with your special someone. That promotion at work means that years of hard work have paid off. Or, you are about to enjoy a retirement party after decades of commitment to your career.

When the event is big, and the party is larger, you may want to order a signature cocktail. These are tried and true recipes that stand out from the classic fare. As a result, they are both delicious and memorable, the perfect choice when you need to remember a special day.

For example, try our perfect cosmopolitan to celebrate hard, or our Day Owl Frosè, a mixture of Day Owl Rosè and simple syrup, to mark the day with a lighter note. And don’t forget the impact a simple mojito can make on the spirit of the day.

For those of you that consider the beginning of summer to be an event worth celebrating, we have good news! Not only is summer right around the corner, but we have the perfect drink to celebrate. Enjoy our Painkiller, consisting of Don Q Añejo Rum, cream of coconut, orange juice, and pineapple juice, to welcome the summer fun ahead.

Painkiller - PINSTACK


There truly is a cocktail for every occasion. Whether you want to order a classic drink to make an impression on a first date, order a margarita for any occasion, or mark a significant event with a signature cocktail, you can find what you need at our bar in Plano. We also offer a full beer bar in Plano that includes craft beers, as well as nationally known beers. For you wine enthusiasts, visit our wine bar to select from a wide variety of imported wines. Lastly, enjoy a meal from our delicious from-scratch restaurant. At PINSTACK, you can enjoy the best food and beverage in the Plano area and enjoy a wide range of incredible fun activities that suit any occasion.