Think big breweries with big beer names are running the industry? Think again. Craft breweries (which make 6 million barrels or fewer of beer every year and are independently owned) make up 98 percent of all breweries in the United States. And we have to admit, we kind of love them.

At PINSTACK, we intentionally partner with North Texas brewers who supply us with thoughtfully designed and deliciously brewed craft beers to add to our beer bars’ unique selection. Here is a look at just a few of the breweries we partner with, and the one-of-a-kind drinks you can expect to find when you stop by PINSTACK’s beer bar for the experience that is craft beer.


Lakewood Brewing

Combining art and science, Lakewood Brewing specializes in small batches of high quality beer. And here at PINSTACK, we give their Lakewood Lager and Lakewood Temptress a prime spot in our craft beer lineup.

The combination of hoppiness, caramel and maltiness in the Lakewood Lager gives the traditional Vienna lager a new twist. The Temptress, on the other hand, combines chocolate and caramel in a smooth Imperial Milk Stout. So stop by our beer bar and indulge in the luxury of incredible craft beer brewed right near home.


Austin EastCiders

Austin EastCiders crafts full-bodied, white-wine-inspired ciders using imported cider apples and juice from England and apples from the Pacific Northwest. But while their ciders are inspired by fruit, juice, and tradition from across the ocean, their location just a few hours from us makes their delicious ciders the perfect addition to our beer bars.

In particular, we embrace their Texas Honey Cider, which boasts Texas honey with just enough sweetness to infuse the end of your night with satisfaction. And, we sell their Blood Orange Cider, whose Italian blood orange flavor adds a surprising tang to a traditional drink.


3 Nations Brewing Company

3 Nations Brewing Company prides itself on its ability to combine European beer styles with domestic innovations. We put their delicious, tradition-inspired creations on our seasonal rotation. Think about the surprising flavor mango and pineapple can add to an IPA, or the warmth of a Bavarian ale. Hit up any of our beer bars to celebrate the season with a perfectly brewed craft beer.


Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Deep Ellum Brewing is committed to creating full-bodied craft beers that separate them from the big names in quality and flavor. We put two of their beers in our beer bars, and we encourage you to come find out more about what makes these beers good enough to make it on our roster.

The Dallas Blonde, for example, combines citrus and floral flavors with a variety of malts to create a light but unforgettable experience. The Deep Ellum IPA, on the other hand, is full of hoppiness for a bitter, heavier, but still delicious sipping experience.

If craft beer is not your thing, PINSTACK does offer the big name beers, such as Budweiser, Michelob, Miller and Corona.

But here at PINSTACK, we emphasize selection and quality in our craft beer lineup. By partnering with North Texas breweries and offering their best beers in our upscale bars, we ensure that you can find the perfect way to enjoy an evening out.