Everyone knows that a company’s idea of fun can sometimes fall a little flat. With predictable buffets and ordinary drinks, an event that is supposed to be a break from the office can start to feel less than invigorating.

Next time you need a corporate event, spice things up with a little creativity in an exceptional corporate event venue. Here are just a few ways to use our venue here at PINSTACK to give your employees a new and improved corporate experience.


Hold a themed party at our corporate event venue, and don’t forget the costumes.

Add some flair to your employee event by giving it a theme. And while generic themes, like fall or Halloween, might seem like a natural way to go, choosing something a little more original can really spark employees’ interest. Besides, everyone probably already has more Halloween and fall parties to go to than they can count. Earn their respect (and their thanks) by not making them go to one more pumpkin-spice infused event.

Need ideas for branching out from the tried and true (and boring)? Embrace the Halloween theme by having everyone dress as the Addams Family. Educate your millennial employees on classic television with an I Love Lucy event, or go with something more recent, like Friends or even The Office. Embrace the Pokémon craze and throw a Pokémon event.

And whatever you do, don’t forget the costumes. Give out prizes for the most realistic get up; make employees stay in character for the entire event, or even set up games based on the characters. With the chance to escape from reality for a while, your employees will be able to relax and bond in a corporate event venue like no other.


Enjoy a philanthropic event at PINSTACK’s corporate event venue.

People may like to talk about themselves, but it’s when they get the chance to help other people that they reap the most rewards from a company get together. Tap into your employees’ better side and make a real difference with a philanthropic event at PINSTACK’s corporate event venue.

For example, here at PINSTACK, through our team building with purpose, you can build bicycles for disadvantaged children or create care packages for the military. You can even fight illiteracy with a program that allows you to build rocking chairs and provide books for needy kids.

When your employees have the chance to do good for other people, they earn the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference. So not only can you use the corporate event venue to do good, but also to help employees feel good. And, in the process, you will be enabling your employees to build teamwork skills, create camaraderie, solve problems, and show off skills you never knew they had. And that can translate into a happier, and more productive office life as well.

Play games at PINSTACK’s corporate event venue.

Play might have come naturally to you and your employees when you were kids, but it tends to be lacking in grown up get-togethers. Fortunately, you don’t have to revert to your childhood to give employees a good time, but a little bit of play might be just what they need to start enjoying work again.

Here at PINSTACK, there are lots of way for grownups to play. Consider laser tag, for instance. Not only is it the perfect way to have some fun, but everyone gets to let out a little pent up aggression. You may also want to consider building teamwork through a high ropes course, build trust through indoor rock climbing, or just let loose with bumper cars or our 16-person foosball table.


Indulge in a cooking class at the corporate event venue.

Tap into your culinary side with a cooking class at PINSTACK’s corporate event venue. We offer a number of cooking-themed events meant to build your employees’ camaraderie, encourage teamwork, and foster a little bit of healthy competition.

For example, see who can craft the best cocktails. Enjoy a chili cook off, or learn how to make something new in a cooking class. And when you get hungry after all of that culinary creating, stop for one of PINSTACK’s from-scratch meals, where you can continue a fantastic evening of food.


Create a murder mystery attendees have to solve at the corporate event venue.

Perhaps one of the most creative and unexpected things you can do at a corporate event venue like PINSTACK is to create a murder mystery event. Have employees join in by creating the storyline around characters that they need to dress up as. Then, act out the mystery by allowing employees to interact, ask questions, and take on their characters’ roles throughout the course of the meal.

If you really want to encourage employees to go all in, offer a prize to the first person who solves the mystery, or hand out prizes for people who dress up the best, impersonate their character most convincingly, or ask the most questions. With the chance to slip into another world, and stay busy solving a fascinating mystery, your employees may forget they are at a work event, but they won’t forget how much fun they had.

PINSTACK’s corporate event venue offers everything you need for an incredible getaway with your staff. From A/V capabilities to from-scratch meals and a private banquet room, you can enjoy a flawless event. If you want to get a little creative, however, we can do that, too. From holding a themed party, complete with costumes, to enjoying a philanthropic event, playing games, indulging in a cooking class or creating a murder mystery, you can ensure fun and team building for everyone on your team.