When the UT Longhorns face off against the Oklahoma Sooners or the Cowboys play the Giants, you expect an epic game. And an epic rivalry game demands an epic football party.

Bring on the creative cocktails, the rivalry-themed sports paraphernalia, and some fun twists on classic football party food. The rivalry is on, and you need some creative ideas for hosting a football party worthy of the game to come.

Add a twist to classic football party food

Anyone can serve meatballs and nachos when they host a football party. But a rivalry game requires food with a special twist. The next time you host a football rivalry party, think about changing up the classic football party food. Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn nachos into chili dog nachos.

Instead of throwing meat and cheese on tortilla chips, jazz up your average nachos with a chili dog topping. Worcesteshire sauce, spices, hot dogs, and beef take the nacho toppings to a new and delicious level (almost as delicious as watching your team beat their rival on the field).

  • Spice up your mozzarella sticks with jalapeńos

Mozzarella sticks are a typical football party food. But your rivalry game is not your typical game. Add the spice of rivalry by adding jalapeńos to your mozzarella sticks. You can find these frozen at the store or make your own with this recipe and jalapeńo mozzarella cheese.

  • Change up your chicken wings by changing up the sauce.

Wings are another classic football party food that you can jazz up with a little creativity. Ditch the ranch or barbecue dressing for more creative sauces. Think teriyaki, parmesan garlic, bourbon honey mustard, or even salt and vinegar to give your appetizers a new but delicious flavor.

  • Turn burgers into handy sliders.

Food at a football party should be easy finger food. While burgers taste great, they can be hard to eat when your eyes are glued to your team’s every play. Choose smaller sliders, which can also be creatively put together. A plain burger, for instance, becomes a bacon cheeseburger slider, a pulled pork slider, or a ham and cheese slider. The options are as endless as the celebrating you will do if your team beats its rival.

Add a twist to your football party drinks with craft beers and fun cocktails.

Offer your guests a way to drink to their team’s success (or drown their football party sorrows) with drinks that are as fun as the rivalry game. Soda, water, juices, and Bud Light can keep your guests’ thirst away. However, adding craft beers like those found at PINSTACK to your cooler can make rivalry game day special. Here are just a few of the locally sourced craft beers you can enjoy in honor of your team’s rivalry game:

  • Deep Ellum craft beer, brewed in Dallas
  • Lakewood Brewing craft beer, brewed in Garland, but filled with international flavors
  • Peticolas craft beer, brewed in Dallas
  • Revolver craft beers, brewed in Granbury

To take your drink menu to the next level, go beyond beer and add some creative cocktails served in football-themed glasses.

  • Use your craft beer to add a kick to your classic margarita or other cocktail. Just avoid the hoppier IPAs.
  • Create Gatorade Jello shots, creating the right color for your team.
  • Use juice, hard cider, and wine to create a sweet sangria.
  • Replace the gin in your gin and tonic with a dark rum.
  • Add some fruit and spice (like jalapeno) to your margaritas.
  • Add basil to your bloody Mary.

The cocktail possibilities are endless. If you need some ideas, or simply want someone to make your cocktails for you, consider hitting up the bar at PINSTACK to enjoy some of our signature cocktails for your football rivalry party.

Create some friendly competition around your football rivalry party.

If you invite fans of both rivalry teams to your football party, you might not need a way to spice up the competition level in your living room. But if you want to create some friendly rivalry among your guests, add a few football-themed games guests can play while keeping their eyes glued on the rivalry.

  • Add some friendly betting to the game.

From the final score to quarterly point spread, guests’ guesses about how the game will go can add some serious fun to an already intense game. Add in some betting between fans of each team, and you will have a memorable showdown.

  • Pull out football bingo.

Fill bingo sheets with either things to watch for during the commercials or possible outcomes on the football field. When someone marks off a row of boxes, have a themed prize at the ready (jerseys, hats, and mugs make great choices).

  • Play football trivia.

Who knows the most about football? Or the rivalry happening in front of your eyes? Find out with a football trivia game. Divide up your guests into teams or let each person play for themselves. Limit the game to commercials if you want to keep guests focused on the actual game play, and don’t be afraid of adding some obscure questions: You never know who might surprise you with their football knowledge.

If you want to host a football party, but you don’t want to go to all the work of getting it ready at your house, consider using an event space like Pinstack. We offer lots of large screen televisions, made from scratch food, plentiful drinks, comfortable seating for groups, and an abundance of activities (from laser tag to bowling).

The result of a successful football party are happy friends (and hopefully a winning team). Whether you host it at your home or an event space, the right elements can ensure that your football party is one your friends remember.