Cocktails are in some ways the perfect drink. Sophisticated enough for business meetings, but casual enough for colleague get-togethers, you can get them strong enough to unwind after a bad day or weak enough to participate with the group without getting too buzzed. Not to mention the selection. If you go to the right bar in Plano, such as PINSTACK’s, you can enjoy creative, chef-inspired creations as well as old standbys, like the classic cosmopolitan.

But while you may be intimately familiar with the advantages of ordering a cocktail for your drink of choice, you may not be aware that this feisty little beverage has a history that befits its diverse existence at your favorite bar in Plano. Here are a few fun facts about cocktails to get you even more excited for your next trip to the PINSTACK bar in Plano.


Toasting used to be just what it sounds like.

Toasting, that age-old practice of clinking glasses together to celebrate, well, anything you feel like, is kind of a strange tradition. Maybe it will sound less strange if you hear what the origins were: One tradition says that people would actually dunk toast in their drinks and their companions’ drinks. Ok, maybe that doesn’t help, but it does make for a fun image the next time you raise a toast at our bar in Plano.


Think our bar in Plano has weird cocktail names? There are weirder out there.

Part of the fun of cocktails is learning their names. After all, what does Kentucky Tea mean, anyway? But if you think the cocktail names at our bar in Plano are a little funny, consider some of the names bestowed on cocktails throughout time. Both Death in the Afternoon, and even Monkey Gland, have graced the cocktail glass in the past. We try to keep our cocktails a little more appealing, in name and in flavor.


Some cocktails used to give you a little bit too much of a glow.

That warm glow that accompanies an excellent cocktail or two is reason enough to hit up our bar in Plano. But what you may not know is that one cocktail used to leave you with a little more of a shine. The Atomic Cocktail was, unlike many other drinks, exactly what its name implied: A drink infused with radium. And yes, it would kill you if you drank too many, but some people swore it could help with problems like fevers and headaches. We’ll let you decide if the cure was worth it.


Mixed Drinks with Lemon



The screwdriver you order at the bar in Plano has a good reason for its name.

What lengths would you go to, to have that margarita stirred, not shaken? If grabbing the nearest tool on hand is your answer, then you understand why Persian oil workers used screwdrivers to mix their cocktails. And yes, that is where the screwdriver cocktail got its name.


You can’t buy cocktails just anywhere.

A world without cocktails would be a sad world indeed, but that is the reality in some places. In fact, ten countries in all forbid the mixing of cocktails. Lucky for you, the United States is not one of them, so come on over to our beer bar in Plano and enjoy the freedom of ordering the cocktail of your dreams.


If that champagne bottle at our bar in Plano seems thick, it is.

Before you open up a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your new raise, new job, or simply new weekend, consider just how amazing champagne is. With about 49,000,000 bubbles in a typical bottle, and with more pressure than a car tire, there is a good reason for a thick, corked champagne bottle. And now you know why that cork goes flying so far when you open up the bottle. That’s some amazing alcohol right there…no wonder it is the beverage of choice for celebrations.


Bottles of Jack Daniels are practically shaped.

When the bartender at our bar in Plano pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels to mix you a drink, you may recognize it in part because of its square shape. But did you know that the square shape is actually a practical idea and not just a branding gimmick? A square bottle is a stable bottle, which means your bottle of Jack Daniels gets to you with less chance of damage than the round bottles. Who knew? Incredible whiskey and some really practical thinking go hand in hand.


Think our bar in Plano has been operating for a long time? Think again.

Yes, here at PINSTACK, our beer bars and wine bars have some serious experience under their belts. But before you get impressed with our time on the scene, consider Sean’s Bar in Ireland. That particular establishment has been in business for about 1,100 years. We think maybe they know how to make a mean cocktail too, but until you happen to be in the area, PINSTACK is a good place to go for a great cocktail that is less than a plane ride away.


Cocktail competitions are a thing–including at our bar in Plano.

Bartenders love to try their hands at new and creative cocktails. And our bartenders are no exception. Cocktail competitions thrive all over, but, here at PINSTACK, our bartenders at our bar in Plano (and other locations) get the chance to have their winning creations put on the menu. Stop by and see the kind of skill a cocktail competition can draw out. And don’t forget, we let you try a cocktail competition yourself if you take advantage of our team building activities. Think you can do better than the bartender of the month?

Cocktails can be sassy or sweet, spicy or heavy, or pretty much whatever you feel like drinking. And they make the perfect beverage for, well, almost any event. Their fun history and diverse backgrounds make them all the more interesting. So stop by our bar in Plano, and be glad that we don’t mix your drink with a screwdriver. That little trick can stay in the history books.