“First date.” Quick, what came to mind? It was an image of eating out,right? In some ways, those clichéd first dates have a lot on their side: Almost everyone likes to eat, and a meal gives you time to talk.

The problem is that dinner out gives you time to talk, and talk, and talk…and not much else. Life together is more than dinner, and a first date should be more than eating. Plus, you know, suggesting dinner out will make you look as predictable as death and taxes, and no one likes those.

So, branch out from the clichéd first dates of your past. We know a place that offers fun activities that are about more than just eating. Here at PINSTACK, we offer you private dining and an awesome bar. But don’t stop at dinner and drinks, try out these 4 fun first date activities to see if breaking away from the ordinary can make that awkward first date a really fun time.

Fun Activity 1: Bowling (But this isn’t your typical bowling alley)

Yes, we know you want to impress your date with something other than a dingy throwback to the high school dating scene. We still recommend bowling….at PINSTACK. This is no tiny little bowling alley serving pizza and root beer to go with your ill fitting shoes. We offer state-of-the-art bowling lanes, lane side food and beverage service, a private bowling area, a sleek interior design, and the opportunity to enjoy a classic game with a grown up twist.

The best part about bowling? Anyone can do it. Haven’t bowled before? It’s easy to pick up (It has two rules: Roll the ball toward the pins; avoid the gutter). Don’t like to get sweaty on a first date? (Good decision). Bowling is not strenuous. Want a game that lets you talk? Bowling can do that too.

So, next time you head out on a first date, consider heading to the bowling alley at PINSTACK. Enjoy a friendly competition, spice it up with games like HORSE or Angry Birds or head out to the lanes on a group date with mutual friends knowing that this fun activity is enjoyable by all.

Fun Activity 2: Rock Climbing (Yes we know we said don’t get sweaty…)

But scaling our 28 foot indoor rock climbing wall can be the perfect way to show off your skills and enjoy a challenge that gets you both working together. Because, while reaching the top will definitely earn you brownie points with your date, it is how you get there that will really matter.

Work with your partner to find the best way forward; support each other when you stumble or hit rough patches, and congratulate each other on reaching your goals…are we talking about rock climbing or relationships now? Are you (or your date) a little nervous about scaling a vertical wall that is higher than your house. 

Well, when you put it that way…you should still give it a try. Safety harnesses mean you won’t fall, and we promise not to make you climb higher than you want to. So overcome your fear of heights and first dates and try out PINSTACK’s indoor rock climbing wall for a first date that might very well lead to others.

Fun Activity 3: Dinner with a Twist (Because plain old dinner sounds suspiciously cliched).

Dinner is, perhaps, the all-time most common first date activity (except perhaps for grabbing drinks). Before you dash away to plan the perfect romantic dinner, though, think about this: The most common first date is probably the most clichéd. Yeah, you might want to sit back down and find out how to to do a first date dinner right–with a twist.  

At PINSTACK, you can embrace all the glory of a first date dinner (great food, time to talk, creative drinks) and all the fun of a creative first date idea. We offer one of the best restaurants around, but what really makes us unique is the fact that our restaurants site right next to fun activities venues that let you follow dinner up with some amazing fun.  

Here are some combos we recommend: Dinner at the bowling lanes, a video game showdown with the low scorer buying dinner, or an amusement park themed date with bumper cars and burgers. At PINSTACK, you can get creative, so no excuses: Ditch the boring dinner and go for something really fun.

Fun Activity 4: Bumper Cars (Because everyone has some pent up energy to let out).

If there is one thing everyone experiences during a first date, it is nerves. After all, you are only potentially going to meet the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. No pressure. To fight those nerves and have fun, the perfect first date activity might just be bumper cars.

Yes, we mean those cars you smash into other people with. They were fun when you were a kid at the amusement park, and they are fun now. So what happens when you take two excited adults and put them into sleek and modern bumper cars? Well, hopefully, a lot of laughs, a lot of fun, and a lot of sparks (the romantic kind. Try to keep the bumper cars intact). If that isn’t the type of fun activity you want on a first date, we don’t know what is.

Fun activities can turn a first date into a second (and a third, and a fourth…) At PINSTACK, you can ditch the clichéd and embrace the creative within our fun activities venue. Whether you choose to go bowling, indoor rock climbing, bumper car driving, or more, you are sure to enjoy a good time of getting to know each other in a creative environment.

And don’t forget, if you do want to do dinner and drinks, we have a scratch restaurant and bar that serves local craft beers, imported wines, and creative cocktails. PINSTACK really can provide a fun first date for everyone.