You might be an adult, but we know you have an inner child just waiting to come out. And what better time to tap into your youthful side than when you are growing another year older. You are, after all, only as old as you feel.

So start your new year of life off right with a birthday party held at one of those old childhood favorites: The bowling alley. Except, this time, skip the childhood food and games and have a party that caters to your grown up side.

Not sure how to achieve the perfect combination of youthful celebration and grown up fun? It’s easy at a fun activities venue like PINSTACK. To get you started, here are a few bowling alley birthday party ideas for adults.


Pick an adult birthday party place for your bowling celebration.

First things first: Tap into your inner child, not your childhood haunts. While those old bowling alleys with their greasy pizza, orange plastic tables, and worn out lanes might have been the height of fun when you were a kid, you deserve better now that you are an adult.

Instead, pick an adult birthday party place for your bowling celebration. What does that look like? Well, step inside PINSTACK and find out. A from scratch restaurant menu means that you can enjoy grown up food like margherita pizza and truffle mac and cheese. Lane-side food and beverage service means you get to order and eat your food right by the bowling lanes so you don’t miss any of the fun.

And state-of-the-art bowling alleys, a private bowling area, and bowling birthday party packages that include delicious buffets and hours of bowling mean you get the first class attention you deserve on your special day. Inner child, meet grown up fun.


Buy a bowling birthday party package that is tailored for adults.

Need bowling alley birthday party ideas for a grown up celebration? How about a bowling birthday party package that gives you everything you need to bowl and then some? Before you cringe at the idea of a birthday party package for adults, see what PINSTACK has to offer.

You can have all the fun of bowling and all the sophistication you deserve as an adult at PINSTACK. Our bowling birthday party packages offer you a bit more than the typical childhood package. Think a delicious choice of buffets (like Texas BBQ or Mexican Fiesta. How is that instead of the tired burger and fries?). Think hours of bowling and 2 full hours in a private function room. That might just be enough time to open all your presents.

And, as if that weren’t enough, think unlimited time spent playing video games and enjoying PINSTACK’s other attractions. Yes, it is good enough to be true: You can bowl and play laser tag, all in the same day. Being a grown up really is more fun.

A birthday party package that gives you access to the bowling you deserve as a grown up? Now that’s a bowling alley birthday party idea that is hard to refuse.














Pick a theme for your bowling birthday party celebration.

While you could just show up at the bowling alley and enjoy a rollicking (or should we say rolling) good time with your friends and family, it might be even more fun to pick a theme for the celebration.

And we don’t mean any old theme. We mean a theme that really celebrates your age (or, ahem, should we say your experience?). For example, consider a retro theme that focuses on a particularly appealing decade. Think 60s hippie, 80s fashion, or 70s disco.

How do you incorporate this kind of a theme into your birthday celebration? Have everyone dress according to the era (Yes, it’s the one time it’s ok to wear headbands again). Buy a cake that has the theme included. And definitely see if you can get some of the guests to bring era-appropriate gifts.

Of course, you could really advertise your age with a bowling birthday party that celebrates every year of your life. For example, are you turning 42? See who can reach a score of 42 first. Ask for gifts of 42 of something. Have a special game at 42 past the hour. Just make sure you don’t mind advertising your age to all of your guests.


Need more bowling alley birthday party ideas? Try adding some grown up games.

Bowling alley birthday party ideas do not have to stop with a theme for the party. While bowling itself is fun, you can’t go wrong with some bowling games designed to make the game even more entertaining.

For example, consider bowling bingo (where you fill in bingo sheets containing bowling terms and achievements), bowling truth or dare, or even bowling challenges (like bowling backwards). Your adult birthday party place might be able to help you come up with some ideas that work for the venue and for your party. Just don’t forget the prizes.

A bowling birthday party can be an amazing way to celebrate another year of life (Because if you aren’t laughing, you’re crying, right?). So take these bowling alley birthday party ideas and run with them. Pick an adult birthday party place; buy a bowling birthday party package; pick a theme (and make sure people dress up) and add some grown up games.

By the time you are done, you will have the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. And don’t forget to make your reservations at PINSTACK. We love birthdays, and we cater to your grown up tastes. The perfect birthday celebration, whether it includes bowling or not, awaits you at any of our locations. Embrace your age and celebrate your youth with a bowling birthday party at PINSTACK.