When it comes time to have a business meeting, you need a place to gather that will encourage creative thinking and forge strong connections. Productivity is key. To that end, you may want to move away from the drab conference room or office and into a corporate event venue. By holding your meeting outside the office and in a sleek, modern, and amenity-rich environment, you can increase productivity and have more fun. Here are a few reasons to consider a corporate event venue instead of an office for your next business meeting.


A corporate event venue provides a change of scenery.

Familiarity breeds boredom, at least when it comes to the office. If you are like most people, you show up at the same time, park in the same spot, walk the same route to your office, sit in the same spot at the conference table, follow the same routine throughout the day and, if you’re honest, experience about the same level of boredom with your surroundings. Break out of the rut and ditch the routine by using a corporate event venue for your next business meeting. The change in scenery alone will spark attendees’ interest and refresh their minds so you have more engaged, and attentive, participants.


A corporate event venue encourages creative thinking.

You may not realize it, but those routines and environments you spend your day in lead to set patterns of thinking and problem solving. During a business meeting, you often need to break out of your mental rut in order to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. Next time, hold your business meeting at a corporate event venue. By moving everyone to a different environment, you encourage different patterns of thinking, which might just lead to  a breakthrough idea.


A corporate event venue encourages focus.

At the office, it can be hard to concentrate on the goals of the meeting. Your email calls to you. The break room sounds lonely. That phone call you forgot to make comes springing to mind. With distractions galore, the office can keep you from focusing fully on the tasks at hand. That is why moving your business meeting to a corporate event venue can be a good idea. Away from the office, and the lure of other duties, you can focus solely on the goals of the meeting.

Corporate event preparations at PINSTACK

A corporate event venue builds relationships.

Business is often built upon relationships. Networking, forging partnerships, and creating friendships help to advance your business goals and enrich your life and professional opportunities. What better way to forge those important relationships than by having your business meeting at a corporate event venue instead of the office. In the more relaxed atmosphere, over from-scratch food and some high-quality drinks, you can get to know your co-workers and customers better than you ever could at the office.

A corporate event venue is more relaxed.

Relaxed people tend to think more clearly and creatively than those who are stressed. Unfortunately, relaxation probably isn’t going to happen at the office (sorry, you probably don’t work for Google). Instead, take your meeting to a corporate event venue, where the environment is designed for relaxation. With good food, good drinks, good entertainment, and a welcoming atmosphere, everyone will be comfortable in no time at all. Once the ice is broken and people are relaxed, then you can expect productivity to soar.


A corporate event venue lightens your load.

If you have to plan the meeting and handle the invites, you don’t also need to be serving up the food and organizing the drinks and cleaning up the mess afterward. You aren’t Cinderella, and you certainly don’t need the distraction. Instead, let yourself focus on the meeting agenda and take your business meeting to a corporate event venue. At a corporate event venue the details are taken care of for you. The A/V is set up; the room is cleaned; the food is prepared and served, all by people other than yourself so you can focus on the business meeting itself.


A corporate event venue encourages productivity.

Being relaxed and in a different environment might sound like a recipe for slacking off. However, two-thirds of meeting planners find that meeting away from the office actually increases productivity. It’s probably the creative thinking and improved focus that lead to results, but you could also give credit to the amazing brain food and A/V capabilities that make presentations look pretty awesome. Either way, embrace the good news: Getting away from the office can actually help you do your job better.

Laser tag office party

A corporate event venue is more fun.

Let’s face it: Everyone wants to have fun. Yes, even your boardroom executives. Add some fun to your next business meeting by holding it in a corporate event venue at PINSTACK. With laser tag, bumper cars, rock climbing, arcade games, and more, our corporate event venue gives you access to plenty of fun too. It’s the perfect way to end that productive business meeting, or turn a team building event into something your employees look forward to instead of dread.

Taking your business meeting away from the office and to a corporate event venue can help you to enjoy a more productive, successful, and just plain enjoyable meeting. Since productivity soars, creativity blossoms, and people relax and connect better outside the office, you have all the excuse you need to try out a corporate event venuefor your next event.

Try out the corporate event venueat PINSTACK. With state of the art A/V capabilities, combined with amazing food and some pretty fun activities, we are sure that you’ll never want to go back to a boring old office meeting again.