A vacation or a weekend is coming up, and you want to go on an adventure. Then, you look at the forecast. Sweltering heat or pouring rain is on the horizon. How do you rescue your adventurous day out?

The best solution is to find indoor adventure games to play instead. Since you probably do not have an indoor rock climbing wall or high ropes course in your basement, you will want to take a trip to your nearest PINSTACK location. We have everything you need for indoor adventure games that will challenge you, entertain you, and help you forget about any bad weather outside.


Try our two-level laser tag arena.

A game becomes an adventure when there is mystery, tension, and intense physical demands. Laser tag fits the bill. As one of our guests’ favorites, our laser tag arena offers an environment designed for excitement and challenge.

Imagine crouching behind a boulder, waiting for the footsteps of your opponent to fade so you can duck and crawl to the next rock or place of shelter. Or, imagine the tension of waiting until your unsuspecting opponent comes into view, where you can nail them with your laser.

That excitement is always a part of laser tag. We make the environment even more intense with foggy obstacle courses and two levels of challenge for twice the fun and adventure.

Don’t forget about the physical aspect of laser tag, either. You might be inside, but your time will be spent on high alert. Crouching, jumping, running, and ducking will be part of your experience from beginning to end. Indoor adventure games don’t get much better than laser tag at any of our PINSTACK locations.


Try our LED lit indoor rock climbing wall.

Sometimes, indoor adventure games mimic the fun of the great outdoors. Our indoor rock climbing wall is an example. It may not be a real rock wall, but it does a pretty good job of giving you the adrenaline rush you would experience on the side of a mountain.

At 28 feet tall, our LED lit indoor rock climbing wall offers plenty of challenges for even experienced climbers. At the same time, handholds and harnesses offer safety for even the most inexperienced of visitors. Add in challenges, the thrill of pushing yourself past your limits, and achieving new highs (literally and figuratively), and you can see why our indoor rock climbing wall is one of our best indoor adventure games.

High Ropes Course

Try our high ropes course.

Nothing spells adventure quite like a high ropes course. While you might think automatically of outdoor high ropes courses, you can actually enjoy an equally challenging, and exhilarating experience at our indoor version. Indoor adventure games, in fact, are not complete without the opportunity to test your wits and agility 20 feet off the floor.

Our high ropes course doesn’t just give you the opportunity to suspend yourself above the ground. We also offer you challenges and tasks that improve your ability to think and move while ensuring that you have fun.

If you want to enjoy indoor adventure games with your colleagues, we can include the high ropes course as part of your team building event. There are few things that teach you communication, teamwork, and agility more than solving problems above the video game floor. We are also pretty sure that indoor adventure games like our high ropes course are way more fun and way less boring than any other team building event that you can put together at the office.

So the next time the weather is bad but your desire for adventure is high, consider stopping by PINSTACK. We offer a range of indoor adventure games (as well as tamer options like bowling and video games) to give you your adrenaline rush no matter what the weather is doing.

Stop by with friends for a Saturday spent out of the rain, or schedule a midweek team building event for your employees. Enjoy an exciting date or challenge your family to a competition. No matter your reason for wanting a little extra excitement, indoor adventure games offer you a weather-proof and satisfying way to enjoy your favorite adventure activities.