Imagine hanging 15 feet above the ground, hands and feet gripping an indoor climbing wall. You feel as if you can’t move. Your adrenaline is pumping. And then a voice shouts up at you, telling you where to go. A hand reaches out to guide you. With that help, you gain courage and can finish your 28-foot climb, not by yourself, but thanks to the support and teamwork of the people around you.

If you want a team building activity that will transform and strengthen your team, then an indoor climbing wall is the place to be. Replace strangers with colleagues in the above scenario and imagine what that would do for your ability to work together. Here are a few more things that make an indoor climbing wall the perfect team building location.


An indoor climbing wall is often included in team building packages.

Team building programs offered by fun activity centers like PINSTACK offer built-in activities designed to teach you and your colleagues specific skills that will help you work better together. But don’t worry: You get to have fun too. Case in point: An indoor climbing wall, and activities centered on it, is often part of the package.

Why does a team building package make an indoor climbing wall an attractive part of your team building event? Because it means that you get to enjoy not just the wall but also activities intended to make using the wall more fun and more productive. Obstacle courses, challenges, contests, and more not only build trust and communication, but they also make it pretty darn exciting to be out of the office for a day.


An indoor climbing wall builds up the team regardless of personal success.

Part of the challenge of building a strong team with your colleagues is the fact that everyone is different. You could run a 5k together, but some people might not finish. You could play board games, but some people would lose. You could listen to an inspirational speaker, but some people would fall asleep. Those who get left behind aren’t going to end up feeling very good about the team, are they? And making people feel bad about their ability to contribute isn’t going to build the trusting, communicative powerhouse you are dreaming of.

That’s why an indoor climbing wall can be a good choice when you are looking for a team building activity. You’re going to have people who only climb a few feet and some who make it all the way to the top (showoffs). But the key to using an indoor climbing wall is that no one feels left behind.

That person that climbs a few feet? They still learn to trust the colleagues cheering them on. They still learn how to communicate about their climb up the wall. And they still feel a sense of accomplishment because it was that trust and communication that got them those few feet up the wall. If you want a team building activity that instills teamwork, communication, and self-confidence in every participant, you definitely want to consider the indoor climbing wall.


An indoor climbing wall puts trust and communication into practice.

An inspirational speaker might tout the benefits of trust and communication, but that doesn’t mean your team is going to start leaning on each other the next time that deadline looms. And ice breakers are fun, but learning that Bob loves vegan ice cream isn’t going to translate into better communication around that stalled project.

Instead, you need a team building activity that actually lets your team practice the characteristics you want them to have. And what better way to do that than climbing up 28 feet on an indoor climbing wall? There you have to communicate with each other in order to successfully complete challenges. You have to trust each other in order to make it to the top. And you definitely need some problem solving skills if you end up stuck halfway.

Let your team put these skills into practice in an environment that is both challenging and fun. The next time a tough deadline looms, chances are your team won’t crumble under the pressure. They’ll remember their time on the indoor climbing wall, look at each other, and say, “We can do this, together.”


An indoor climbing wall is fun.

People bond over enjoyable activities way more than they bond in the midst of a boring boardroom presentation. Let them bond over a fun activity that is also designed to teach them valuable skills: An indoor climbing wall. Sure, it’s a challenge to mount the wall. Sure, they have to use trust, teamwork, and collaboration to make it to the top and complete their challenges. But they are also having fun. Adrenaline pumps as they stare up at the indoor climbing wall. Excitement mounts with every step they take. Exultation pours forth when they are successful. And nothing is more satisfying than winning a contest or completing a challenge.

An indoor climbing wall can make an ideal team building activity. As participants lean into the challenge of the wall, they encounter a way to put trust and communication into practice in a fun environment. A team building package that includes an indoor climbing wall can also add fun contests and challenges to spice up the event, while the activity itself sets everyone up for success.

The next time you want to do a team building activity that isn’t boring, come to PINSTACK. We offer a number of packages, including an indoor climbing wall, designed to build your team in an environment of fun and excitement. It totally beats your break room ice breakers and inspirational speakers and can transform your team.