Fun places to eat in Dallas are plentiful. But how many of them offer you scratch kitchen quality, creative cocktails, draft beers, seasonal food, banquet rooms…and bowling? There aren’t many, that’s for sure. If you want both top quality food and fun, a place that’s great both for celebrating the retirement of your boss and cutting loose with your friends after work, consider a restaurant like PINSTACK. Here are a few reasons to try us out.

Fun places to eat in Dallas should actually offer you fun things to do.

Sure, eating is fun, but most restaurants let you do that. If you are looking for unique and fun places to eat in the Dallas area, you want a place that lets you cut loose with other awesome activities. Here at PINSTACK, our scratch restaurant lounge is adjacent to our fun activities venue that offers a range of exciting activities for you to enjoy either before or after your meal.  

For example, run off the workday stress with a game of laser tag. Tap into your inner child with a spin in the bumper cars. Challenge yourself physically with our indoor rock climbing wall or build team spirit with coworkers by enjoying our high ropes course together.

Take to the (state of the art) lanes with bowling, or head to our video game arcade for some retro fun. And don’t forget about our giant 16-person foosball machine that can turn any group outing into an unforgettable competition. Add all of that to delicious seasonal food? Now that sounds like fun.  

The best restaurants in DFW change the menu up.

Sure, it can be comforting to order the same dish every time you go to a restaurant. But do you know what is even better? Discovering delicious new ways to enjoy fresh seasonal food. That is why the best restaurants in DFW, such as PINSTACK, change up the menu regularly to reflect new seasonal items and fun new recipes.

If you are looking for high quality food and a fun place to eat, you might want to consider a restaurant that changes up the menu on a regular basis. Here at PINSTACK, our chefs are always creating new ways to enjoy seasonal items. Their from-scratch creations provide new twists on old classics (such as grown up grilled cheese, our signature burger, and fresh baked preztel bites).

Our menus focus on the best the current season has to offer and the freshest, best tasting and most fun food out there. With new creations coming out all the time, you are sure to find new ways to enjoy classic dishes and foods no matter how often you come.

Scratch restaurants are often the best restaurants.

What is a scratch restaurant? Simply put, a place where the food is made from fresh ingredients right there in the kitchen. The seasonal ingredients are at the peak of flavor, while the creation of the dish in the kitchen guarantees the freshest, best flavor possible for guests. The best restaurants know that scratch cooking by skilled chefs is one of the best ways to turn their place into a fun spot to eat.

Here at PINSTACK, our scratch restaurant lounge offers you the best from-scratch seasonal cooking around. And that means that you enjoy delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients by skilled chefs right in our own kitchen. What could be better than that?

Fun restaurants in Dallas offer you fun drinks to accompany your meal.

What could be better than delicious scratch cooking? Maybe some upscale adult drinks to go along with it. The best restaurants know that high quality drinks make the perfect accompaniment to delicious food. Whether you are looking for wine, cocktails, or beer, fun restaurants in the Dallas area should always offer you the right drink to go with your meal or as a way to relax with friends, family, or coworkers after a long day.  

Creative cocktails and a variety of beers can mean a more enjoyable time at the restaurant. Here at PINSTACK, we offer full wine bars and beer selections to suit every taste. Whether you want fine wine from Napa Valley, draft beer brewed locally, or cocktails crafted by our bartenders, we can offer it to you at our restaurants. And that means you can enhance your memorable meal with the drink of your choice.  

Eat while you play.

Did your mother ever tell you to finish eating before you went back to playing? Well, now that you are an adult, fun restaurants in the Dallas area should let you play AND eat. Look for a location that combines fun activities with delicious food so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, all at once. 

Here at PINSTACK, we combine food and bowling. Whether you are using one of our 28 state of the art bowling lanes or enjoying our VIP bowling lounge, we will provide you with lane side food and beverage service. That means that you can order and eat your food without losing sight of the game, or even skipping your turn. Talk about ultimate fun.

Finding fun restaurants in Dallas means looking for the right features. If you want a memorable time, look for a place that offers fun things to do, creates delicious from scratch food, changes up the menu, pairs the food with awesome drinks, and will feed you while you play. And don’t forget that restaurants with banquet rooms like the ones at PINSTACK allow you to enjoy a private get together too. 

At PINSTACK, we make sure that your time is an awesome combination of great food, great drink, and memorable activities, whether you come on the clock with work, off the clock with friends to relax, or with family to celebrate a special event. Tailor your experience to your needs, and let us provide you with a fun restaurant experience that you won’t soon forget.