The time of happy hour has come. Work is over and everyone is ready to go to their local beer bars and wine bars. Typically characterized by drinks and talking, happy hour has sometimes become, shall we say, just a tad bit boring. But no more. Now, happy hour can stand proud, as an exciting opportunity to have fun along with your drinks. Here are a few ways to make the most (fun) out of happy hour.

Start with fun drinks.

Don’t compromise on quality to enjoy a little bit of downtime after work. Ditch mediocre beers and boiler plate cocktails in favor of creative and tasty drinks during happy hour at PINSTACK. Our beer bars and wine bars boast some of the finest adult beverages around, and starting with one of those is a surefire way to enjoy your entire evening just a little bit more.

Take, for example, our wine bars. You can choose from fine wines transported domestically from Napa or Sonoma Valley or imported from Italy and France. Choose from chardonnays and pinot grigios, sauvignon blancs, merlots, and pinot noirs. You can even enjoy a fine champagne for those days you need to celebrate (Yes, making it to Friday is reason enough to pour some bubbly).  

And don’t forget about beer (happy hour hasn’t). At PINSTACK’s beer bars, you can select from craft beers and popular brands alike. Or, choose from one of our seasonal or signature cocktails (like the Kentucky Tea or Grapefruit Gimlet) for a refreshing and classy accompaniment to your happy hour fun.

Embrace some fine dining at one of the best restaurants around.

In the old days, happy hour meant appetizers to go with your drinks. But limited fare isn’t the kind of food that makes happy hour well, happy. You can do better. So think past the bowls of peanuts and the nacho appetizers and enjoy a variety of tempting fare at PINSTACK’s from-scratch restaurant.  

Happy hour here doesn’t just mean a few side dishes to go with your beer. It means access to one of the best restaurants in the area. Our from-scratch restaurant lets you order dinner with your buddies, treat prospective clients to creative local fare, or just dine on some high quality and delicious desserts. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that the food will be made from local, fresh ingredients, and chosen from a menu that is regularly refreshed with fun new creations from our skilled chefs. You never knew happy hour could taste so good.

Take your drinks bowling.

When you do happy hour at fun activities venues (like PINSTACK) that offer more than fine wines and amazing beers, you set yourself up for a lot more fun. For example, take your drinks bowling for an activity filled happy hour. A few rounds at our state-of-the-art bowling lanes are sure to turn happy hour into a happy evening spent competing against colleagues and friends. 

Afraid that bowling isn’t quite the grown up activity you always thought happy hour should be? Consider these amenities that turn our bowling experience into the perfect happy hour accompaniment:

  • Laneside food and drink service that lets you enjoy the game and your meal at the same time.
  • A VIP bowling lounge for a grown up team building event.
  • State-of-the-art bowling lanes that are defined by sleek lines, fun colors, and an upscale look that is impossible to confuse with a teenager hangout.

Enjoying your drinks and first class food right by the bowling lanes means happy hour and bowling can exist side by side. Add an upscale location and a private bowling area and you have the perfect recipe for a relaxing evening after work. What could be happier than that?

Enjoy some patio games along with your drinks.

Get away from the bar and add some fun to your happy hour by enjoying some patio games along with your drinks. Happy hour is fun when you have some fine wine, but when you pair that wine with an oversized game of chess, or a giant Connect 4, you have a recipe for hilarity that will make your evening truly memorable.  

Here at PINSTACK, that kind of fun is part of any hour at our Allen and Las Colinas locations. From Jenga to cornhole, Connect 4 to chess, we allow you to enjoy some patio games along with your drinks any time you feel like adding a little bit of happy to your day.

Cap your happy hour with a foray into the world of video games.

Depending on your preferences, maybe a foray into the world of video game would be a great ending to happy hour. Remember the many happy hours you spent as a child in the arcade or at home playing video games? You can have those hours back at a fun activities venue like PINSTACK. In our retro video game arcade, we have lots of classic games (like World’s Largest Pac-Man) and new releases (like Target Bravo).

You know what that means: Happy hour has just turned into happy hours (or maybe the happiest hours) as you relive the classic games of your youth and jump into the exciting new games of the present. Where do the drinks come in? You have a choice: Enjoy them before you hit the video game arcade, after you play your favorite arcade games, or best of all, enjoy the drinks while playing).  

Here at PINSTACK, you can make the most out of happy hour by moving beyond your average drink menu and embracing fine wine, craft beers, creative cocktails, and a whole lot more. From sampling our from-scratch menu to hitting up our state-of-the-art bowling lanes, or entering the world of video games, you can have a happy hour that delivers a whole new level of fun.  

The best part? Located in Las Colinas, Allen, or Plano, PINSTACK’s happy hour is easy to reach from a variety of locations. Now you really don’t have any excuse to visit locations where the only thing happy hour offers is drinks and appetizers. Instead, grab your coworkers or friends and head out to a classy and entertaining happy hour at any of our amazing locations.

Happy hour at PINSTACK isn’t like any happy hour you’ve known before, but don’t worry. A few things never change. It’s still easy to reach; it’s still an amazing way to end your day, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be coming back. Give the new and improved happy hour a try at PINSTACK. You’ll be glad you did.