Does #adulting seem a little too #boring of late? Does the weird winter cold have you hibernating harder than a brown bear? Shake off the winter doldrums and let your inner child loose at a fun activities venue like PINSTACK. Just don’t forget; you’re a grown up now, and for once that means you get to have more fun. Here’s how:

The more’s the merrier with our giant foosball machine.

Rules are for kids, so ditch the one about limits on party size with our 16-person giant foosball machine. This enormous game boasts several balls and lots of adrenaline for a grown-up twist on a classic childhood game. If you’re looking for fun things to do this weekend, you should just go ahead and start inviting your friends now. You can’t have too many (We promise).

Upgraded bumper cars mean upgraded fun.

Speaking of ditching the rules, consider a game that lets you throw your driver’s ed training out the window, in style. Yes, we’re talking about bumper cars. After all, a fun activities venue like PINSTACK wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to that classic amusement park game.

We’ve made a few improvements to the original, though (For starters, unlike the very first bumper cars, our don’t literally send you flying). They are, however, still the vehicles of amazing fun and some heart-stopping action.  

How have we upgraded them for grown up fun? Try modern LED lights, a streamlined look, and a sleek looking arena. You’ll find yourself wondering why you ever rode the ones at the amusement park. Your list of fun things to do this weekend just got longer.

Go bigger or go home with our 28-foot indoor rock climbing wall.

An indoor rock climbing wall taller than your house might have been scary when you were younger, but now that you’re all grown up, it is the epitome of adrenaline-pumping fun, are we right?

If it isn’t, we won’t tell. But we do still dare you to try scaling our 28-foot indoor rock climbing wall. Whether you are an ambitious climber who can make it all the way to the top or a beginner in love with the idea of reaching the top someday, your inner adrenaline junkie will thank you (and so will your body. That workout isn’t for sissies).

Still not sure this should go on your list of fun things to do this weekend? Add some stylish LED lights, a few of your friends, and a fair amount of adrenaline and you’ll have everything you need for a pumped-up outing. How’s that for some fun #adulting?

Laser tag for adults looks like two levels of adrenaline pumping fun.

Sure, basic laser tag was fun when you were a teenager, but you want something a little more challenging as an adult (Remember, you are trying to escape #boring #adulting). To that end, let us introduce you to our two-level laser tag obstacle course.

Sophisticated enough for a corporate group building activity, but crazy enough for weekend fun with friends, the laser tag at a fun activities venue like PINSTACK is the way to go for a grown up twist on a classic childhood game. 

Here, you don’t just have to take out your opponents. You have to weave your way around obstacles, see through a fog filled room, take in adrenaline pumping music, and use two levels of awesome fun to reach your goals. You can even choose from a variety of grown up games to amp up the fun.  

We promise: This laser tag will put your teenage wars to shame. Here at PINSTACK, grown ups definitely have more fun.

Bowl like a grown up with the right amenities and facilities.

Thinking twice about adding bowling to your list of fun things to do this weekend? Then you’re probably stuck in the bowling alleys of your youth, where pizza on paper plates and run-down lanes were the norm.

While acceptable for your youth, you deserve more as an adult. And we deliver it here at PINSTACK. Following is just a sample of the awesome amenities and facilities you enjoy. Read them over and then tell us you don’t think bowling is a suitable grown up activity:

  • 28 state-of-the-art bowling lanes
  • Private bowling areas
  • Lane side food and beverage service
  • A from-scratch menu, including grown up twists on classic bowling foods (margherita pizza, anyone?)
  • Grown up drinks, ranging from Napa Valley wines to craft beers

Arcade games for adults include old classics and new innovations.

Think video game arcades are just for kids? Think again. At PINSTACK, arcade games are for adults, too. Revisit old classics, like skee ball, air hockey, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Or, enjoy some modern-day arcade fun with games like Batman and Transformers. Whichever game you choose, we can guarantee two things (1 It will be fun and (2 It will be a grown up way to enjoy an old childhood pursuit. Not only are our games housed in an awesome video game arcade suitable for grown ups (No dingy, run down rows of games here), but you enjoy access to our from-scratch kitchen, grown-up menu, state of the art facilities, and other awesome activities.

If you need fun things to do this weekend, consider revisiting some of the games of your youth, but with the adult vibe you deserve. Whether you embrace a mind-blowing game of giant foosball, sleek bumper cars, an enormous indoor rock climbing wall, two-level laser tag, state-of-the-art bowling, or any game you wish at the arcade, PINSTACK is the place for you. With a from-scratch kitchen, adult birthday party packages, a high ropes course, and more, we have everything you need to adult the fun way.