The New Year is coming, and most people are planning to celebrate with a champagne-infused evening that includes confetti, dancing, and watching the ball drop. But clichéd celebrations don’t have to be your go-to. While New Year’s traditions like champagne and ball drops are pretty much required, have you ever considered adding even more fun onto your evening?

Well, we here at PINSTACK have, and with an incredible New Year’s Eve bash in the works, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about the fun things to do at PINSTACK that can make the last evening of 2018 the most memorable one.


Hit up one of the best restaurants in the DFW area.

If you are going to party all night, you will need some fuel. So ditch the cheez-whiz nachos and canned sausage and dig into the fare at one of the best restaurants in the DFW area–PINSTACK.

Our from-scratch cuisine, which offers seasonal recipes from our skilled chefs, as well as mouth-watering twists on classic food, will give you the energy you need to keep the party going, as well as a delicious experience that will get your night off to the right start.

At our New Year’s Eve bash, you will enjoy our signature appetizers, a full dinner buffet, and amazing desserts. The food will last all evening, and so will the fun, so don’t hesitate to purchase a ticket or two for you and your friends, get ready to tuck into some food from the best restaurant in the DFW area, and consider that meal the appetizer to an evening of fun.


Try to beat your best score for the last time this year with our arcade video games.

Arcade video games may not be the classic way to ring in the New Year but don’t dismiss their place in a final celebration quite yet. After all, some of these games, like Pac-Man, are pretty much timeless, and their legacy will live on long past the New Year. Play them once or twice just to remind yourself that the coming year can be just as awesome as the year you are leaving behind.

Plus, let’s be honest, you’ve been trying to beat your high score on your favorite game, and achieving that would be a sweet way to ring in the New Year. Don’t shy away from your inner geek. Instead, embrace the lighthearted fun of one last run at your favorite video game. Or, make a New Year’s resolution to expand your horizons and put it into practice a little early on a game you’ve never tried before.

When it comes to fun things to do at PINSTACK, you may just want to consider our arcade video games. And at PINSTACK’s New Year’s Eve party, we are offering unlimited game play. That means you can play as many of our 150 games as you want over the course of the evening. Challenge your friends; beat your best score; or even give a new game a whirl. We guarantee it will be the most unique, and possibly most fun, New Year’s Eve bash you can remember.


Try your hand at our state of the art bowling if you want fun things to do on New Year’s Eve.

If arcade video games aren’t your thing, or you’ve grown bored with them (though we don’t think that’s possible with 150 games from which to choose), you can always hit the lanes with state-of the-art bowling. At PINSTACK’s New Year’s Eve party, anyone with a Bowling Plus Admission ticket can enjoy unlimited games at any of our upscale lanes.

With 28 sleek lanes, upscale lighting, a private bowling area, and lane-side seating for food and beverage, this isn’t your ordinary, run-down bowling lane. And that means you don’t have to partake in an ordinary, run-down experience. After all, this is New Year’s Eve. The coming year is bright and fresh and exciting, and you deserve a bowling experience to match.


Enjoy PINSTACK’s other attractions during our New Year’s Eve party.

If you want fun things to do for the New Year, but don’t want to enjoy the arcade video games or bowling, never fear. At PINSTACK’s New Year’s Eve party, we offer access to all of our other attractions to ensure that you have a night to remember.

For example, take your closest friends and family (or some guests you just met) and hit up our 16-person foosball table. Let out your excitement in laser tag, or challenge yourself to one last 2018 achievement with a trip up our indoor rock climbing wall. And don’t forget to let your inner child out with bumper cars. Whatever strikes your fancy is likely to be available at our fun activities venue.

The New Year is right around the corner. How will you celebrate? If you want to spend the evening enjoying fun activities and amazing food, think about coming to PINSTACK’s New Year’s Eve party. Among the most fun things to do in Dallas that night, we offer top-notch cuisine, access to our video game arcade, state of the art bowling, and our fun activities venue. And never fear, we haven’t forgotten the traditional champagne toast, incredible beverages (including signature cocktails and craft beers), or the opportunity to ring in the New Year in style. Just make sure you hurry; spots are limited, and you don’t want to miss out!