There are few drinks that can stand on their own. However, wine is an exception. Classy, delicious, diverse, and perfect for many occasions, is it any surprise that this adult beverage is the focal point of wine bars?

These upscale locales focused on the best that wine has to offer are perfect for many occasions, from work meetings to celebrations. If you really want to enjoy phenomenal wine in a fun environment, look for the following qualities in the wine bar you choose.

Look for a wine bar with a large selection.

This may go without saying. After all, you would expect a wine bar to offer more than a basic cabernet sauvignon and a single pinot grigio. However, the best wine bars offer a selection of wines that are carefully curated and incredibly diverse in both varietal and region.

Pinstack Wine Bar Selection

For example, here at PINSTACK, we offer wines from California, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, Washington, Oregon, and more. And, we have almost four dozen different varietals of wine from which you can choose. Try one of our five different sparkling wines for your festive occasion, or one of 10 cabernet sauvignons. Indulge in a couple of different red wines or enjoy a fine riesling or two. Wine is an experience. Make sure your wine bar lets you enjoy the full experience.

Look for a wine bar with a welcoming, upscale atmosphere.

If the only clue that you are in a wine bar is a large “wine bar” sign, then you are probably in the wrong place. A great location doesn’t advertise as much by signage as it does through the atmosphere you experience from the moment you walk in the door.

Now, experience is subjective. But what does a wine bar make you think of? Intelligence? Passion? Class? Then look for a location whose design communicates all of those things. In addition, look for lighting that is perfect for evaluating your drink selection. And look for an atmosphere that is less like a raucous bar on a Friday night and more like a fine dining experience. If you immediately feel comfortable, confident, and welcome, than you are on your way to enjoying a delicious evening of fine wine.

Look for a wine bar with the right kind of glassware.

What makes a wine taste wonderful? The grapes? The aging? The process of making the wine? Well yes, and also the wine glass you use. The shape of the glass, the material from which it is made, and even the thickness of the rim can all affect the flavor.

So the next time you go for a glass of champagne, embrace the narrow glass that retains the beverage’s carbonation. Look for a wider bowl for a red wine that needs to breathe. And when you look for a wine bar, look for one that knows which glass is which. Providing fine glassware, as well as the proper size and shape for each wine, should be second nature to the best wine bars, because the place you choose to accent the flavor of your wine, not detract from it.

A wine bar should offer food that complements the wine.

The focus of a wine bar is, of course, wine. However, food is still a central part of the experience, if only because wine is enhanced by food, and food by wine.

To that end, look for a wine bar that offers food to complement the wine. The wine is the star, but the food should play a pretty compelling supporting role. You can choose a location that offers full meals along with the wine. We do that here at PINSTACK. Our menu is packed with creative seasonal entrees, delightful appetizers, and perfect desserts to complement your wine.

Pinstack Cake Pops

Or, you can choose a place that offers appetizers and snacks to go along with the wine. If that is what you like, just check out our appetizer menu. Our artisan meat and cheese board, for example, might go nicely with a sauvignon blanc.

Wine bars provide the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of exceptional wine in an upscale and vibrant atmosphere. To make sure you enjoy that kind of wine experience, however, you need to choose the right wine bar.

Try looking for a wine bar that has a large selection of great wines, a welcoming and upscale atmosphere, and food to complement their wines. And consider coming to PINSTACK. Our wine bar sits in the midst of a restaurant, a beer bar, and a fun activities venue so you can not only enjoy incredible wine but also an incredible selection of fun things to do. You might just find that the best wine bar location is ours.