A long and distinguished career deserves an appropriate send off, or at least a really great roast. That is why you want to start your retirement party planning by moving the celebration out of the office or your home and into one of the more elegant and modern event spaces in Las Colinas.

When looking at event spaces in Las Colinas, however, you must consider that you’ll have a couple of hours to fill with activity. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because it’s a retirement party it has to consist solely of mingling and small talk. The retiree is going to stop working, not stop having fun. And they might just need a reminder of that fact.

That is why we have compiled a list of retirement party activities that are actually fun. All of them can take place at event spaces in Las Colinas that you select, and there are a few that are particularly well-suited to our facilities here at PINSTACK. Look them over and give some a try the next time you need to plan a retirement party using event spaces in Las Colinas.

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Use one of the event spaces in Las Colinas as the perfect location for a roast.

A roast is always a fun way to send some backhanded compliments in the direction of your party’s guest of honor. After a few decades of hard work, this person has earned some good-natured teasing and some honest feedback about how awesome they are.

Carve out some time at the party (maybe after our from-scratch entrees and before our delectable desserts) and have people come up to deliver some lighthearted teasing of the guest of honor.

Just make sure the retiree has the chance to return the favor, and make sure that your group dynamics include a sense of humor and goodwill. Give people time to plan their speeches, too. The very best insults are those prepared ahead of time.


Use one of the event spaces in Las Colinas to enjoy some retirement karaoke.

In their youthful days, the retiree may have spent some time yodeling away at karaoke night at the local dive bar. Hopefully, they have matured since then and can now appreciate the joys of karaoke at one of the upscale event spaces in Las Colinas, like PINSTACK. At our upscale venue, we offer some amazing A/V capabilities and a beautiful private dining area where you and your group can enjoy some off-key karaoke fun. Make the music retirement themed (Think The Best Is Yet to Come or 9 To 5) for an appropriately hilarious send off for your guest of honor.

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Use one of the event spaces in Las Colinas to help the retiree get a start on their bucket list.

Now that the retiree isn’t going to be spending most of their waking hours at the office, they can start crossing off their bucket list activities, like traveling the world or going skydiving.

Make the party fun by helping them get a head start on their list. If you can get an idea of what is on that list ahead of time, you can start planning some fun memories for the party. If you don’t know what is on their bucket list, you can always improvise and of course, the funnier and more outlandish, the better.

Don’t be afraid to utilize the event space that you choose to help you out. For example, here at PINSTACK you can get the retiree to start indoor rock climbing, play laser tag for the first time, begin crossing arcade games off their list or even get them playing giant foosball (Which may not be on their list but totally should be).


Use one of the event spaces in Las Colinas to put together a video or slideshow.

It’s a retirement party, so of course you want to remember all the best parts of the retiree’s career. A slideshow or video can be the perfect way to visually capture the best (and the funniest) of these years. Embrace warm memories like parties and outings, but don’t be afraid to include that one photo the retiree forgot you owned or that humorous shot that perfectly captures their personality. Just keep it all in good taste and make sure the video or slideshow caters to the retiree’s personality and sense of humor.

When choosing event spaces in Las Colinas to hold the party, consider the venue’s ability to help you put on this show. Since it is likely to be one of the highlights of the celebration, you want to consider event spaces in Las Colinas that can make your video or slideshow shine. Here at PINSTACK, we have state-of-the-art A/V capabilities that can help you put on a slideshow to remember, and make sure that one silly shot shows up crystal clear.

A retirement party at one of the best event spaces in Las Colinas is the best way to remember all the good your colleague, friend, or family member has achieved throughout their career. Send them off to their well-earned retirement with a party that is active and fun, just like they plan to be now that they don’t have to work anymore. Whether you choose to embrace a roast, karaoke, a bucket list, or a slideshow, the best event spaces in Las Colinas will be able to accommodate your plans.

If you want to throw a retirement party (or hold any other type of event) at one of the best event spaces in Las Colinas, consider PINSTACK. With an elegant banquet room that seats up to 200 people, A/V capabilities, fun activities, from-scratch food, and a modern atmosphere, we get the stage set for a party to remember. We even offer event packages and on-site hosts to make your party planning easier so you can spend less time stressing and more time dreaming about your own retirement.