So you have a big event coming up. And you want to invite a lot of guests. That means you need a venue. Unless of course you own a mansion. But how do you know which venue to choose? You might have lots of choices within the DFW area, but we recommend a restaurant with a banquet room. Why? In short, because you get way more than just a place to eat. Here are just a few of the reasons to plan your event at PINSTACK.

Restaurants with banquet rooms can handle a variety of events.

The type of venue you need for a wedding might be different from the venue you need for a small retirement party. Or maybe that one venue only handles groups of 100 while your milestone birthday party is only going to have 50 people. When you choose a restaurant with a banquet room, though, you get to enjoy a venue that can handle a variety of events.

We would love to show you pictures of our restaurant’s banquet room decked out for a large wedding, tastefully arranged for an intimate retirement party, and gracefully organized for a milestone anniversary bash. You tell us what your event is, and how many people are coming, and we will give you the space, the help, and the food you need to make your event a success.

Restaurants with banquet rooms are near the food.

Because no one likes cold food shipped in from another location or mediocre food put together in a venue designed more for its looks than its menu. Want a menu that caters to your Mexican tastes? Need a good old American burger? Crave a fine pasta dish? Find a restaurant with a banquet room that specializes in the menu you desire. You’ll be glad you prioritized the food, and so will your guests. 

If you need a restaurant with a banquet room known for its quality dishes, consider PINSTACK. Not only do we provide private dining areas that accommodate up to 200 people, but we offer a range of from-scratch menus designed for quality and variety. Try a Texan BBQ or a Mexican Fiesta, for example. Not quite your taste? We also offer Italian and creative company picnic options too.  

Restaurants with banquet rooms have plenty of space.

Those 200 people you plan to invite to your retirement party will need a place to sit and eat their meal. You might be surprised how much space and how many tables you need to seat your guests for any event. You aren’t likely to fit in a regular restaurant, unless you rent the whole place out.

Instead, we recommend a restaurant with a dedicated banquet room. Large enough to fit parties of any size, these rooms still give you access to the restaurant’s high quality food. Here at PINSTACK, our banquet room can fit up to 200 people, meaning that you have room for all your friends, family, and extra guests for whatever event you are putting on.

Restaurants with banquet rooms offer you professional event planning support.

Because you sure don’t want to plan your own retirement party, and event planners don’t come cheap. Feel overwhelmed by the need to decorate a large open space? Wondering how in the world you can get that video working because the last time you understood technology was when Microsoft 95 was new? Need some advice about what menu goes best with your theme, or how to cater to your aunt’s food allergy?  

On site event planners, like those you find at PINSTACK, are the solution. The right restaurant with a banquet hall (like the one at PINSTACK), will boast event planners who can make suggestions, solve problems, and meet your event planning needs. You should look forward to your retirement party, not dread the planning.

Restaurants with banquet halls come with lots of amenities.

If you pick the right restaurant with a banquet hall, you don’t just get the empty space or some pretty place settings (though those are always nice). You also get access to a range of amenities that can make your party easier to pull off.

For example, the right restaurant with a banquet hall will boast Wi Fi, A/V capabilities (and help using them), private seating, and more. If you decide to hold your event here at PINSTACK (and we hope you do), you will receive access to all of the details that will make your vision for the event a happy reality.

Restaurants with banquet halls are close to fun activities.

Ok, this might not actually be true of all restaurants with banquet halls. But it is definitely true of PINSTACK. Not only do you enjoy food from our scratch restaurant, but you also get access to our fun activities venue. What type of fun activities are there, you may ask? Laser tag, bumper cars, bowling, indoor rock climbing, and a foosball table that can fit 16 people.

Better yet, if you choose one of our banquet hall packages, you will get access to these activities as part of your event. For example, choose a bowling banquet package to enjoy a couple of hours out on our state-of-the-art lanes. Select a package that gives you unlimited access to all our activities, or zero in on video games for added fun.

Here at PINSTACK, we want you to have an unforgettable time, no matter what the reason for your event. We offer restaurants with banquet rooms and so much more. From event planning to amenities, fun activities and lots of space, we have your event covered. Come on by, ask your event questions, and find out how PINSTACK can help you create the event of your dreams.