The need to create a strong team that can work efficiently together is a no brainer for any leader. Finding a way to create that camaraderie, however, is a little more difficult. Some activities, like drinks after work, might create strong personal bonds, but isn’t likely to teach team members how to work together. Other events, like conferences, might offer lots of good professional suggestions, but you did want to avoid boring your team to death, didn’t you?

This is where ropes course team building (along with other team building activities) comes into play. Taking to a ropes course is a sure way to forge both personal and professional connections that can take your team to the next level of productivity. You just have to go about it the right way. Here are a few tips for reaching new heights at your next team building event.


Prepare your team for ropes course team building.

Any ropes course team building event is going to be accessible to a wide variety of physical fitness and activity levels. Embrace the adventure with confidence, and make sure your team knows that they can approach the course with that same level of confidence.

Competent instructors, appropriate safety measures, and proven challenges are sure to provide an exhilarating and fun experience for every member of your team. Plus, no long-term endurance training required.

If you do want to make sure you are extra ready for the ropes course team building event, just take a little extra time to rest up, do some light stretching, and come in comfortable clothes and sturdy sneakers. We guarantee that a physically challenging but totally rewarding experience with your teammates is in store.


Come prepared to communicate during the ropes course team building event.

One of the secrets to any successful team building event is the willingness of participants to enter fully into the experience. You don’t really want anyone feeling distracted while catching you during a trust fall, do you?

As a result, one of the ways to prepare for a ropes course team building event is to commit to open communication. What does this mean? During the ropes course, you will need to communicate with, depend upon, and open up to your teammates in order to complete the course. You don’t want them to leave you literally hanging, do you?


Take your time during the ropes course team building event.

In a professional environment, competition is often the standard. However, when you are learning to work together as a team, you should put competition aside and spend some time, you know, actually working together. To that end, try not to treat ropes course team building as a competitive sport. Instead, take your time and enjoy the process of learning how the course, and your teammates, work.

For example, does a challenge seem a little too simple for you? Instead of rushing through it (and dragging your teammates along), take the time to listen to their ideas, work through their mistakes, and complete the project together. Alternatively, when you find yourself stuck, literally or figuratively, take time to figure a way out of your predicament. Hint: It will probably involve asking your teammates for help.

This is what ropes course team building is all about: Learning to work together as a team. And that takes time. So ditch the race mentality and leave your running shoes at home. This course will take a little more time and patience, and that is actually a good thing.


Do not forget to apply your ropes course team building lessons at the office.

Finally, don’t leave all that team building up on the ropes course. The point, after all, is to take the lessons you learn on the ropes and apply them to your work environment. Now, you may not be climbing like a monkey at the office, but you may very well need to rely on your teammates to get a project done.

As a result, remember what you learned about your own strengths and weaknesses. Remember what you learned about your teammates’ skills. Then, use that knowledge to forge working relationships that allow all of you to thrive.


Expect to have fun during the ropes course team building event.

What, team building is supposed to be fun? It is when you are enjoying PINSTACK’s ropes course team building event. Sure, you should rest up the night before and come mentally prepared to engage with the event. But this isn’t school, and you won’t spend your day listening to boring lectures. Instead, you will be enjoying an active, safe, and exhilarating few hours channeling your inner monkey and learning just how scared of heights your boss is.

Here at PINSTACK, we create a memorable experience for everyone who participates in our events. So don’t be shy; come ready to rock and roll with a day that might be just as fun as a day off (ok, not really, but you get the idea).

Ropes course team building is an unforgettable event, if you do it right. Do it right at PINSTACK, where our team building activities are designed to help your team work together with fun and camaraderie. Get your team mentally prepared, dressed properly, willing to communicate, and ready to slow down for an incredible day of fun. We will provide everything else you need to leave a stronger team. Ropes course team building for the win.