Move over kids. Adults have discovered laser tag and they LOVE it. Kids of all ages (aka adults) enjoy the thrill of a game that is consistently challenging, unpredictable, and fun. Laser tag for adults is the perfect solution. Gather friends, family, or co-workers; strap on a vest; grab a laser tag gun, and start running, walking, crouching, and shooting in an adrenaline-pumping game of survival.  


While surviving in the laser tag arena may seem like a full-time strategy, eventually you will figure out ways to win. Bragging rights definitely belong to the highest-scoring player. There are lots of ways to get the upper hand competing with other adults playing laser tag. Whether you are a laser tag newbie or an old pro, try these tricks for getting ahead of the game the next time you play laser tag for adults.


Keep moving.

Whatever you do, don’t stay in one spot! It may feel “safer” to stay put, but you have to make sure to stay on the move. First, staying in motion is a lot less boring than sitting in a corner hoping no one sees you. Not only will you be bored, but you will be a sitting duck for that adult player lurking across the arena with a perfect shot unbeknownst to you. Staying in motion makes you harder to shoot. You can kiss any chance of scoring points or winning the game goodbye if you stay put.


Bottom line: If you stay on the move and take out some of your opponents, your score is likely to improve. Enjoy the game and keep moving through the laser tag arena.


Use height to your advantage.

A birds-eye view might be just what you need to score big at your next laser tag game. If your laser tag arena has two levels (like most of the arenas at PINSTACK) or elevated ramps, you can get up above your opponents and pick them off. The higher you are; the more you see, and the more you see, the more you can shoot. Just watch out: Your opponents can do the same thing to you.


But don’t forget to stay low during laser tag for adults.

Stay high but stay low. No, we aren’t contradicting ourselves but we have to cover both strategies. Staying low can help you stay alive. In particular, when moving from place to place, scoping out the course, or preparing to shoot an opponent, crouching can keep you out of sight, and give your opponents a smaller target to hit. Both strategies go hand-hand-in to playing adult laser tag and getting the highest score.


Staying low can work even if you do get up to the second level. Crouch down and stay hidden while you watch for your opponents. You will be harder to spot, and your chances of getting your opponents will increase.


Make yourself smaller.

You won’t always be on the offensive in laser tag for adults. In fact, it is safe to say that your opponents will have plenty of chances to take you out, especially if you are a rookie. Prepare for the inevitable by learning how to make yourself smaller target in the laser tag arena.


For example, master the sideways crawl. Not only will you psyche other adult players out, you might have a better chance at getting out of your opponent’s eye shot…and laser shot.  In addition, turn sideways when you cannot avoid someone’s shot. It will make it harder for the opponent to hit your sensors, and offer them a narrower target to hit.  


Blend in.

Let’s just say that you may look great in that white shirt, but leave that at home when playing in the laser tag arena. Instead, dress in black or dark colors. The laser tag arena will be dark, so your clothes will help you to blend right in.


You may also want to find some safe hiding places. While you will not be hiding out for the entire game (See previous note about keeping on the move), you may need a few moments to take a breather or wait for an opponent to pass. Don’t be afraid to hide when necessary, and definitely enjoy the element of surprise when you have the chance to jump out of your hiding spot and take an opponent down. 


Learn the arena.

Scope out the laser tag arena when you first start playing. You don’t want to be running full force away from an opponent and face plant into an obstacle. A good hiding place a few feet away is a much better option. You also want to know where the best vantage points are for getting up high or spying on your opponents. To get this information, take a few moments at the beginning of the game to learn the layout of the arena. Then, use that knowledge to your advantage during the game.


Keep shooting.

The more you shoot, the greater the chances are that you will hit your opponents. Your opponents are also rendered helpless for several seconds as their vest recharges. So that means there is pretty much no reason not to keep shooting as you play the game. Plus, it may make it harder for your opponents to get their own shots in.


So don’t be afraid to play laser tag for adults for the first time. It is a real thrill.  Embrace the fun with these tips. Stay on the move; use height to your advantage; stay low; make yourself small; blend in; learn the arena, keep shooting, and definitely choose PINSTACK’s fun activities venue so you can enjoy a fun, successful game of laser tag.