When Valentine’s Day starts to roll around, if you are like the rest of us you start to panic about planning that special date to wow your significant other. No worries, we’ve got you covered.  Below is a list of date ideas that will impress AND make memories!

 Pottery Class

There are all sorts of DIY pottery and painting classes around the city. Spend Valentine’s Day throwing and sculpting clay with your loved one. You might even end up with a nice bowl or mug to take home and use. Learning a new skill together can be a very bonding experience not to mention a lot of fun! What to wear tips – this is not a dressy date, so go comfy and leave the favorite outfit at home. (Just in case you are a little messy)

Animal Shelter

Now some of us can’t walk into a shelter without walking out with a new family member. Skip to the next idea if you think this one might be more stressful than endearing. Taking a trip to your local animal shelter can definitely be a cute and creative date night idea for the right couple – plus it is a great excuse to pet cute pups and kittens. There are many shelters who welcome you to cuddle and play with their boarders (beware of big puppy eyes. You will not only make your day doing this, you will make some furry friends VERY happy. So get your belly-rubbing self over to your local shelter to experience being dog parents for a day!

Bumper Cars for Adults

Don’t discount this blast from your past until you try it. Adulting is SO fun in bumper cars! You might just cry because you are laughing so hard. Places like PINSTACK offer comfortable and fun bumper cars for adults alongside many other attractions (like bowling or rock climbing). Enjoy an evening of chaos and excitement as you and your significant other enjoy PINSTACK’s many attractions and delicious food and drinks. A little competition and a lot of fun is sure to make your Valentine’s Day date night one for the books!

If you want to branch out and try something new (how many times do we say this but never do it?) we encourage you to take one of these ideas and run with it. Why wait until Valentine’s Day? Use these ideas as inspiration to treat your honey to a fun-filled day ANY day of the year.