With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you start to realize that your go-to fancy restaurant’s reservation spots are quickly becoming full and that time is running out to come up with a date that will wow your significant other. Never fear, though – below is a list of date ideas that will impress your lover and ensure a fun time.


Animal Shelter

Taking a trip to your local animal shelter is definitely a cute and creative date night idea – plus it is a great excuse to pet cute pups and kittens. Even if you have no intention of bringing home a new furry friend (beware of big puppy eyes), a lot of shelters allow you to walk and play with the adoptable pets. Get your belly-rubbing self over to your local shelter to experience being dog parents for a day!


Pottery Class

Take a pottery class and get ready to get MESSY. Spend Valentine’s Day evening learning to throw clay and you might even end up with a nice bowl or mug to take home and use. Learning a new skill together is a great way to strengthen your relationship and have fun while doing it! Disclaimer: this is not a dressy date, so leave the heels and cocktail dress at home! Instead, opt for something you don’t mind getting a little dirty.


Bumper Cars for Adults

Bumper cars are the perfect way to interact with your significant other in a new and creative way! Places like PINSTACK offer comfortable and fun bumper cars for adults alongside many other attractions (like bowling or giant foosball). Enjoy an evening of chaos and excitement as you and your significant other enjoy PINSTACK’s many attractions and delicious food and drinks. A little competition and a lot of fun is sure to make your Valentine’s Day date night one for the books!


If cliché dates aren’t your cup of tea, take one of these ideas at face value or use it as inspiration to treat your honey to a fun-filled day. You might even be crowned Date Master of the Year – until next Valentine’s Day, that is!