Wine bars in Plano, like the one at PINSTACK, offer many delights, from imported Italian wines to fine California selections. Pair with good friends, a bad day, or a new date, and you have the perfect recipe for a relaxing evening out.

Now you have another reason for hitting up the PINSTACK bar in Plano: Your health. That’s right; all those rumors you’ve heard about wine being good for you are true. Here are a few reasons to improve your health with a quick trip to PINSTACK’s wine bar in Plano. Just remember: These health benefits are for those who drink in moderation. For additional fun and relaxation, try out our restaurant or fun activities venue.


Improve your heart health with a trip to wine bars in Plano.

A glass of wine can help soothe a broken heart or help you get to know that new romantic interest. However, did you know that a drink or two a day can also strengthen your literal ticker?

That’s right: A glass of wine a day can keep heart disease away. In particular, one study of blood vessels found that three weeks of red wine consumption resulted in better blood flow. And better blood flow means a stronger heart.

Who said you had to stop eating and drinking all the good stuff in order to avoid heart disease? We offer the best cabernet sauvignons, pinot noirs, and other red wines at our bar in Plano: Indulge just a little, guilt free. Your heart, and taste buds, will thank you.


Lower your risk of stroke with a trip to wine bars in Plano.

We bet you already know where to go when the day’s stress is off the charts: The wine bars in Plano, where a glass or two can take the edge off your coworkers’ crazy or your friends’ drama. But a glass of wine a day can actually do more: Reduce the risk of stroke (as long as your coworkers’ shenanigans don’t send you over the edge first).

In particular, wine serves as a stroke deterrent by naturally thinning the blood. And while women tend to benefit the most from this little perk, guys can get in on wine’s stroke prevention qualities too. The best part? Both red and white wine offer this health benefit. Why not try one of our top-notch sauvignon blancs or a quality French rosé?


Enjoy a rich source of antioxidants at the wine bars in Plano.

Antioxidants are quite the buzz word lately. With their ability to kill illness-causing free radicals, they deserve a little bit of hype.

Don’t worry, though. Antioxidants aren’t reserved just for kale and avocados. When you hit up our wine bar in Plano, you enjoy them in the wine you drink as well.

That’s right, wine, both red and white, is full of antioxidants. If you want the most in your glass, choose a white wine, but any wine will do. Have you given any of our merlots a try yet?


Pinstack Wine Bar


Drinking wine at wine bars in Plano is good down to the bones.

Drinking wine is good for the soul. And, studies show it is good for the bones too. The next time you hit our bar in Plano, you won’t just be improving your mood. You might also be improving your bone health. How can a good glass of pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon make your bones less brittle?

It turns out that red wine has silicon in it that can lead to greater bone density. And greater bone density means you run less of a chance of breaking a leg or arm or hip later on in life. So don’t give up your calcium drinking ways. But, at the same time, don’t disregard the bone strengthening potential of a glass or two of wine a day.


Drink wine at wine bars in Plano because it is just plain fun.

Did you have a bad day? Are you going through a tough breakup? Do you want to socialize with coworkers without feeling awkward about the small talk? You know what to do: Enjoy a glass or two of wine at your favorite wine bar in Plano (we hope it’s PINSTACK!). Wine has the unique ability to help you relax and make an enjoyable time out even more fun.

Perhaps the best part is that it doesn’t matter what type of wine you choose. From a chardonnay to a quality pinot noir or sauvignon blanc, any wine will do when it comes to relaxing and having fun for an hour or two. And, when you choose the PINSTACK wine bar, you can enjoy our other fun activities. What better way to unwind than with a glass or two of wine and a rousing game of laser tag or a foosball competition with 15 other friends?

Wine bars in Plano offer a lot of potential for a good time. In particular, our bar in Plano is the ideal location for a couple of drinks preceding or following some amazing fun or a delicious meal.

Maybe even better, the wine you imbibe while here can actually support your health. Whether by improving heart health, reducing the risk of stroke, providing a rich source of antioxidants, strengthening bones, and more, wine can actually be good for you.


So, the next time you decide to enjoy some fine wine, consider PINSTACK. Not only will you enjoy some incredible wines and awesome fun, but it might just be good for your health too.