Some things just go together: Peanut butter and jelly, summer and sundresses, and bowling and food. But eating while bowling can be a little bit tricky. Do you abandon your friends to grab a slice of pizza and a beer? Do you grab a bite to eat or play just one more game? Do you eat before you bowl or after? And what happens if that person you’re working up the courage to ask out leaves the bowling lane before you get back from your meal?

Big questions like these can really interfere with a fun game of ten pin. So avoid them altogether by enjoying a fun activities venue that offers laneside food service, like PINSTACK. Here are just a few things laneside food and drink service can free you up to do.

Laneside food service lets you eat more than just pizza.

We bet you’ll appreciate a little variety in your meal selection by the bowling lanes. Pizza is the obvious choice, but greasy pizza isn’t a thing anymore. Here at PINSTACK, we create inventive, from-scratch menus that take Modern American food and add a delicious twist.

For example, ditch the traditional pepperoni pizza and order a margherita pizza or a meaty whole hog experience. We take mac n’ cheese and add truffles, and take fries and add garlic parmesan. Plus our menu boasts dishes like balsamic caprese paninis, bruschetta chicken penne, and monthly chef specials designed to use fresh seasonal ingredients in mouth watering ways.

You can enjoy the classic pizza fare if you want, of course, but when you sit down at our laneside food service, you can choose any of the items from our restaurant menu. And don’t forget about our drink menus. From craft beer to imported wine and creative cocktails, you can enjoy the drink of your choice along with your meal. Finally, pizza and drinks have grown out of their awkward teenage phase.


Laneside food service lets you stay part of the action.

Is that rivalry between IT and Accounting really heating up? Is your boss about to lose to the intern? Is your buddy about to break his previous high score? Don’t miss out on the fun, or be distracted by thoughts of dinner, because you went to a fun activities venue that made you leave the lanes to eat.

At PINSTACK, our laneside food service lets you enjoy all the action right from your seat at our laneside tables. No barriers exist between the tables and the lanes. There is no separate location you need to go to order and eat. Designed for seamless interaction between diners and bowlers, our tables let you stay right in the middle of the action.

Simply sit down at the table, order your food, and enjoy your meal while cheering on the intern and celebrating your friend’s new high score. And jump in the game to bowl your own high score, beat the boss yourself, or impress your date. Your food will be there when you get back.


Laneside food service lets you connect with your friends.

The latest office gossip or the details of your friend’s latest first date disaster aren’t worth missing for a slice of pizza. You don’t want to come back from your meal and find out there’s a new inside joke you aren’t a part of. That bowling banter lets you connect with your friends and colleagues and adds to the fun of the game. Don’t miss out because you went to grab some food.

Instead, choose a fun activities venue like PINSTACK that will let you eat like you are at a five-star from-scratch restaurant, without ever losing sight of your game. Sit down with a buddy and order your meal. Groan at another friend’s bad joke, and tease someone else about the gutter ball they just threw. When your meal arrives, dig into a from-scratch dish while hopping up to bowl your turn or adding a comment to the conversation happening at the lane.

That kind of seamless interaction can make the bowling experience all the more fun. Fewer decisions, more freedom, and the ability to connect with your people make laneside food and drink service the perfect addition to state-of-the-art bowling lanes and a grown up bowling experience.


Laneside food service lets you enjoy VIP privacy.

Sometimes, you just want some privacy. Here at PINSTACK, we offer a private bowling area and VIP lanes that let you avoid the crowds for those times you want to impress a date, hold a business meeting, or connect with a group without the distractions of a crowded bowling alley.

At these times, laneside food service can be just what you need. Rather than leaving the private bowling area to get your meal, you can have your meal brought to you. And that means that you can carry on that business meeting over dinner or finish that amazing first date over some delicious cocktails.

Whatever you want to do at the bowling alley, from having a meeting, to achieving some team building to hanging out with your friends or having an amazing date, the state-of-the-art bowling lanes at PINSTACK might just be what you need.

And our laneside food and drink service can help. By giving you access to our restaurant menu, allowing you to stay part of the bowling action, connect with your friends, and enjoy a VIP experience, it can be the perfect way to enjoy a perfect game or two of bowling.