Perhaps the most classic date there is, the dinner date has a lot of potential–for both good and bad. The charm of sitting and chatting for a couple of hours can quickly turn memorably awful when you run out of things to say or someone’s table manners are epically bad. After all, greenery in the teeth, and open mouths while chewing can squelch any romantic flames faster than you can pay the check.

Fortunately, there are a few secrets to the perfect dinner date that you can use to ensure that your next romantic outing to a restaurant goes well. While they can’t make up for taking (or being) the wrong kind of romantic partner, they can help ease the way into a fun time together. Just make sure to check your teeth in the bathroom mirror.


Choose the best restaurant for your perfect dinner date.

It all starts with the restaurant you pick. Does that sound too dramatic? Then think about how your date will feel if you end up sitting in a dive bar you mistakenly thought was a casual dining spot. Or accidentally choose a fancy French restaurant that will drain your bank account while you are figuring out which fork to use next.

Instead, here’s what you should do: Find a delicious, high quality restaurant with reasonable prices. Like PINSTACK. Our ‘from scratch’ menu is created by skilled chefs who emphasize quality and taste. This isn’t your neighborhood Applebee’s. But have no fear: Your wallet is safe at PINSTACK. In fact, you might just find yourself able to swing appetizers AND dessert. Now that should really impress your date.

And don’t forget to take advantage of our climate-controlled patio at our Las Colinas and Allen locations! You and your date can enjoy the fresh air for a perfect evening out. If you’re looking to visit PINSTACK in Plano, you will be able to enjoy our climate-controlled patio in 2019.


Choose fun places to eat for your perfect dinner date.

Add some extra enjoyment to your dinner date by choosing fun places to eat your meal. And we’re not talking about the bar that’s putting on a magic show this week. We mean a place that offers you creative meals that will themselves spark some conversation and tickle your taste buds.

For example, dine on PINSTACK’s monthly chef specials, with their fresh and seasonal ingredients and fun twist on classic dishes. July’s meals include surf and turf with goat cheese mashed potatoes and fire roasted tomato soup with white beans.

For a date that is even more enjoyable, consider splitting plates so you each get to try some, sharing a bottle of wine (PINSTACK’s selection include fine wines imported from Italy and California) and tucking into some non-traditional appetizers. We recommend the artisan meat and cheese board.


Have a backup plan for your dinner date.

Even the best restaurants can’t make up for a stalled date. And staring at each other over the entree isn’t exactly a recipe for a romantic evening.

Ensure a fun dinner date no matter what happens by choosing a restaurant that offers more than just food. For example, here at PINSTACK, our fun activities venue allows you to access many other things to do. Laser tag, bumper cars, bowling (which, by the way, makes a great first date all on its own) and even rock climbing can all create a dinner date that is unforgettable.

So the next time you feel conversation petering out, grab your date and hit up one of our fun activities. Not only will that get conversation flowing again, but you are bound to find out more about your date (and share more about yourself) than you could have just over dinner.


Make time for the little extras.

The little things are what can make or break a romantic relationship. Holding the door for your partner, for example, is a small gesture that can mean a whole lot to your significant other. And that is why you need to make time for the little extras during your perfect dinner date.Whether this is your first date or your 31st, you should pay attention to the details when romancing your partner. What are those details? Well, start with the starters–have appetizers. And then make sure you finish with dessert. Enjoying a multi-course meal shows your date that you are in no hurry to be finished with your evening. Plus, you get to enjoy all the delicious food that the best restaurant you can find offers.

Then, you can add in perfect etiquette. Chew with your mouth closed. Put your napkin in your lap. Tip your waiter generously. Offer to share dessert or an appetizer as an added romantic gesture. And spring for adult beverages of your choosing, whether that be one of our signature cocktails or an impeccable imported wine. When all the details come together, you have a date that will be simply unforgettable.

Creating the perfect dinner date doesn’t have to be intimidating, as long as you give it enough thought. Start by finding the best restaurant for a date: Something affordable and unique. Then make sure it is a fun place to eat, preferably with activities you can do in addition to eating. And make time for the little extras, like appetizers and dessert.

And don’t forget to consider PINSTACK for your perfect dinner date location. With our ‘from scratch’ food, monthly chef specials, fun activities venue, and diverse drink menu, we can provide everything you need for a delightful dinner out.