It’s National Pizza Month, and here at PINSTACK, we will take any excuse to celebrate this amazingly delicious food. It doesn’t matter how you top it: Pepperoni or gouda cheese, anchovies or hard boiled eggs (it’s a thing in Brazil). The pizza pie is internationally renowned and universally delicious.

Although you have probably eaten dozens of pizzas in your lifetime (The average American eats 46 slices, or about 6 pizzas, a year), we are willing to guess there is a lot about pizza you don’t know. So, as one of the most fun restaurants in Dallas, we have compiled a few fun facts about pizza. Read on to find out just how much you don’t know about one of the most popular dinners (and lunches, and breakfasts) ever.


Americans consume 350 slices of pizza every second.

You probably know that Americans eat a lot of pizza. The fact that there is a pizza joint on every corner is a good clue. But you probably never thought about just how much pizza we eat. One estimate says that Americans consume 100 acres of pizza every day. That breaks down into 350 slices every single second. No wonder we need almost 77,000 pizza joints to satisfy our hunger for bread, cheese, sauces, and toppings.


Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping.

This one you might have been able to guess yourself. But pepperoni isn’t just requested on more pizzas than any other topping. It is consumed in enormous quantities. Some estimates place the amount of pepperoni consumed on pizzas every year at more than 250 million pounds.


Pizza toppings can veer into the unusual.

Of course, pepperoni isn’t the only pizza topping out there, despite its popularity. And, in fact, in some nations, it isn’t even on the list of favorites. Pizza toppings can be anything, from anchovies to pineapple to salad. They can even consist of some pretty unusual choices: Edible gold, caviar, mayonnaise (popular in Japan) and salmon. If you can dream it, you can eat it on top of pizza. For the best balance of uniqueness and flavor, however, we suggest you stop by one of the most fun restaurants in Dallas, like PINSTACK, and try one of our pizzas. We promise to keep things both tasty and creative.


Everyone eats pizza.

Ok, maybe not everyone, but close to it. In fact, about 94 percent of Americans report consuming pizza on a regular basis, and the dish is the favorite among children in particular. Those facts definitely help to explain the acres of pizza we eat every day. That also means that if you want a dish that is guaranteed to please, you just might want to spring for some pizzas from your favorite fun restaurants in Dallas.

The KingPin Pizza at PINSTACK


Americans loved pizza before Italians did.

Pizza as we know it today got its start in Naples, Italy, where poor workers used it as a quick and delicious way to grab a bite to eat in between long hours of work. Immigrants from Naples brought the dish with them to America. It was here that pizza began to earn its present-day popularity, and began to morph into the dish it is today, with a wide variety of toppings like pineapple, ham, and barbecued chicken. Once firmly established as an American favorite, pizza began to gain traction in Italy.


Pizza has made it to space.

Pizza is a beloved staple in 60 countries around the world, but it also made its space debut in 2001 when Pizza Hut sent a 6-inch pizza to astronaut Yuri Usachov at the International Space Station. Cost? More than a million dollars. Making pizza-tastic history? Priceless. Soldiers can also enjoy pizza as part of their rations, but they have to settle for a ready-to-eat military-style pizza.


Pizza was one of the first Internet purchases.

You think nothing of hopping on your favorite pizza chain’s website and ordering up some pizza, but in 1994, that first pizza order was a big deal. What made it an even bigger deal was that it was one of the first online purchases made. Ever. Pretty impressive. And, in case you are wondering, the pizza ordered was a pepperoni pizza. Of course.


Fun restaurants in Dallas can create some amazing pizza experiences.

If you want a unique and delicious pizza experience, consider going to PINSTACK, one of the most fun restaurants in Dallas. Our chef-inspired cuisine features some pretty amazing pizza choices. Our honeybee pizza, for example, boasts Italian sausage, black forest ham, and honey. Our whole hog pizza features bacon, pulled pork, Italian sausage, and chili flakes. All of our pizzas have a New York style crust, and you can always choose to customize your own.

National Pizza Month deserves a special celebration. To help, we here at PINSTACK have created a big way to enjoy some pizza: Our KingPin pizza. This 36-inch cheese pizza is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Add toppings for an extra cost and enjoy the perfect way to celebrate the perfect food.