As one of the best restaurants in the Dallas area (Check out what others have to say about us here), we know a little bit about what to offer our customers. Great food, private dining, and creative cocktails, for example. But we also know that lots of other restaurants promise you those same things too. After all, have you ever found a restaurant that promised you mediocre food and a boring atmosphere? We didn’t think so.  

So, let us take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about what you won’t find in our scratch restaurant. You might be surprised at what our facilities lack–and you might just be ok with it. Read on to find out.

Predictable Food

The world has enough bacon cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizzas, and penne chicken pastas, don’t you think? Here at the best restaurant in Plano (and Las Colinas, and Allen), we like to step outside the box and catch you by surprise with menus that reflect our chefs’ skill and creativity.  

For example, we take a fresh burger and stack it with avocado lime puree, dijonnaise, lettuce, pickles, and caramelized onions. We add truffles to our mac and cheese, and we add mahi mahi to our entrees list.  

But don’t despair: If the traditionalist in you craves that bacon cheeseburger and penne pasta, you can have it. Just don’t be surprised if we add Tabasco sauce and fried onions to the burger and cannellini beans and garlic parmesan sauce to the pasta. Predictable food is boring, and besides, our creations taste better (Check out our menu!).  

Stagnant Menus

A menu that never changes boring. Yes, you always know what you’re going to get, but then again, you always know what you are going to get. Don’t you deserve a little bit of a surprise? Here at PINSTACK, we think so, so we add fresh dishes to our menu on a monthly basis.

Inspired by seasonal ingredients and created by our top-of-the-line chefs, these dishes are creative reimaginings of classic dishes, or entirely new creations intended to delight your taste buds. This month, start your experience with a chipotle bean & bacon soup; devour a BBQ Pulled Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and indulge in our spicy taco grilled cheese sliders

(Is your mouth watering yet?)

And if you love ordering the same dish over and over from the best restaurants around, don’t panic. We would never dream of cramping your style. Here at the best restaurant in the Dallas area, we always have some staple dishes on the menu that you can enjoy. From flat iron steak or mahi mahi for those upscale meals to fresh flatbreads and grown up grilled cheese for more relaxed meals, you can enjoy repeat dishes whenever you like (But variety is the spice of life, and it does make our chef specials extra delicious).

Anything Less Than Fresh

You know it when you see it: Pre packaged foods warmed up and served to you at a prenium price. We’re here to tell you gently: You deserve better! Don’t settle for anything but fresh ingredients, delicious flavors, and a meal you can tell all your friends about. 

Here at PINSTACK, anything less than fresh will never darken our doors (or end up on your plate). Our scratch restaurants are the best restaurants in DFW because they emphasize meals created from the best ingredients by our chefs’ own hands. Don’t think there’s anything like home cooking? Then you have never tried our fresh ingredients melded together by our top-of-the-line chefs.

A Boring Experience

People dine out for many reasons. But whether you are eating out with colleagues, discussing the latest gossip with friends, excitedly planning a date, or enjoying a meal out with family, one thing you do not want is to be bored. And boredom is one thing we don’t allow here at our restaurant. 

Now, we can’t promise you the absence of boring company or boring conversation. But we can promise you tantalizing flavors that will delight your palate, delicious beverages to enjoy with your meal, and perhaps most importantly, a fun restaurant located alongside a fun activities venue.

That’s right: You don’t get to just eat when you visit PINSTACK (You could if you wanted to, but you would definitely be missing out). You get to enjoy a plethora of activities designed for an exciting way to spend a few hours with colleagues, friends, or family. Here are just a few of your options:

  • Laser Tag
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Foosball (Our table fits 16. No joke.)
  • Bumper Cars
  • Bowling
  • Video Games
  • And More

The next time you want a fun place to eat in Dallas, consider PINSTACK. At our locations, you will find delicious food cooked from scratch, elegant private dining spaces for parties of 10 or more people, craft beers, creative cocktails, and imported wines. And, you will find lacking anything that could detract from your experience like predictable food, stagnant menus, anything less than fresh ingredients, and a boring experience.

Next time you crave good food and good fun, stop by. You’ll enjoy a unique experience at a fun restaurant that will be so unlike other restaurants you will wonder why you ever ate anywhere else.